Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation

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July 27, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation


When writing your dissertation, you should know how to avoid plagiarism in order to avoid facing penalties. Plagiarism is anything written that you pass on as your own work, without giving due credit to the original author. This can include direct copy pasting from a journal, book, anything published online on the internet and even quotes. When writing your dissertation, you need to make sure that the research conducted is plagiarism free, and the concepts and ideas expressed throughout are solely yours. Now, you might be thinking, how to avoid plagiarism in a dissertation when talking about a theory or a model or writing a definition, right? Well, in such cases, always make sure that you reference and cite the accurate source. For instance, if you’re talking about a model, mention the author and explain the model in your own words. When writing a definition in your dissertation, enclose it in quotation marks and indicate the name of the author. Doing so will save you from plagiarizing your dissertation content.

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Plagiarism is a serious crime and could result in serious consequences when a person is caught guilty of plagiarism, especially students. To help you, here are a few guidelines to avoid plagiarism when writing your dissertation:


Paraphrasing refers to using the same idea as explained by someone else, but explaining it in different words. However, this does not work at all times. Why? Because we tend to use the exact idea that has already been expressed by someone else. This is also counted as plagiarism, and might land you in trouble. Thus, while paraphrasing, make sure that you read the complete content and then start writing with what you’ve learnt. In this manner, your learning will also be reflected and there would be no plagiarism. In addition to this, if you’ve used an already explained and discussed idea, refer the name of the author while writing.

Writing in your Own Style

This is an important aspect when understanding how to avoid plagiarism in a dissertation. Many students tend to copy other author’s styles while writing dissertations. We do so to make sure that our research stands out from the rest and we end up with good grades. However, this is not recommended. Always write in your own unique style. You can achieve a good grade with your own way of understanding concepts, theories and models, and most importantly what matters is how you apply those theories and concepts in your dissertation. Also, your tutor is completely aware of your unique writing style, thus using vocabulary that doesn’t suit your style or following a different structure of even using resources that you don’t usually refer to might make him suspicious.

Use Plagiarism Detection Software

This is one of the safest bets to avoid plagiarism in dissertations. There are various plagiarism detection software that help students in determining if any part of their dissertation is plagiarised. One of the best plagiarism software is Turnitin. In order to use this software, you should first lean how turnitin works. To check your document for plagiarism, you have to submit your paper, and this software will then check your content. Within a few minutes, the software will create a report. This report will highlight all lines, paragraphs that are plagiarised and will even provide links where similar content has already been published. In order to save time and effort, a lot of students try to find out ways how to beat turnitin, however, the reality is that you cannot beat turnitin when you have directly copied material from different sources.

What you can do is, remove plagiarism in order to make your dissertation unique. To do so, try paraphrasing the plagiarised content (remember to use your own writing style). Paraphrasing will eliminate plagiarism from your paper. On the other hand, if there are certain definitions in your dissertations, they will also show up in the plagiarism report, but they won’t cause a problem if you’ve cited and referenced them accurately, and enclosed them in quotation marks.

Stay Away from Online Plagiarism Removing Tools

When looking for techniques on ‘how to write plagiarism free dissertation’, you might come across various online plagiarism removing tools (spinners, rewriters etc.) that might tempt you to use them. However, saving little bit of time and effort here, will cause you heavily in future. These tools aren’t authentic, and do not remove plagiarism accurately. Some of them might remove plagiarism completely, but will compromise on the quality of the content. As a result, there will be no structure in your paper, and your dissertation will suffer due to poor vocabulary and poor grammar.  Thus, make it a point to stay away from these nasty tools.

Cite and Reference Accurately

Citing and referencing are often overlooked when writing a plagiarism free dissertation, but they hold a lot of importance. Students need to realize that while writing their dissertation. They need to properly cite the ideas, models, theories, concepts that have been used in their paper. This will help you stay away from plagiarism at all times. Also, your tutor will be completely aware of the fact that you’ve researched thoroughly on your topic, and are aware of the aspects that you’ve mentioned in your paper.

Avoiding plagiarism in a dissertation is a challenging yet achievable task. You can work on the steps mentioned above and make sure that your dissertation is free from plagiarism. If you’re still finding it hard to complete your plagiarism free dissertation, get in touch with us. We offer plagiarism free dissertation writing services in UK at extremely affordable rates. Our dissertation writers are highly qualified and can help you achieve your desired grades.

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