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How to Juggle Family, Kids, Work, and Studies

Published by at January 27th, 2023 , Revised On October 17, 2023

Being a working parent is challenging. Regardless of what career you have or how much help you might receive, there will be difficult decisions that won’t keep yourself or everyone happy at all times. However, once you add studies to the mix, it can easily feel like you’re running out of time. Here are our recommendations for how to juggle family, kids, work, and studies without going crazy.

Choose the Right Program

Take time to focus on what program of study and future career is best for you and your family. Some universities or colleges are more accommodating to older students and those with children and family commitments. Before you finalize your plans, consider booking to speak with the program director about flexible studies for parents.

Accept your Limitations

To remain sane while handling family, work, and study commitments, it is integral to accept your limitations. There will be times when something needs to give, but be firm with your priorities.

Seek Help

The quickest way to burn out for a student trying to manage multiple obligations is by bearing the burden alone. If you have a partner, then ensure they are on board with the increasing share of family duties. You will need to have an effective and reliable support network during this time. In addition to friends and family, the school financial aid department may know of programs offering subsidized child care or afterschool programs for studying parents.

Limit Distractions

If you are not strict with limiting your distractions, managing your time will become difficult. While procrastinating by cleaning the house, doing laundry, or baking cookies might be productive, it will eventually lead to increased stress if you still need to study.

Cheat Time

We know that there is a finite number of hours in the week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t cheat time. Take a look at what tasks and responsibilities take up your time weekly. Here are some of our top suggestions for cheating time as a working parent going to school:

Meal Prep

You can quickly prepare a week’s worth of frozen meals and have fresh, healthy dinners all week. If you spend a few hours planning your meals and shopping, consider ordering meal kits or making a standing grocery order online.

Using a food delivery service is especially handy, as it means you don’t need to spend hours agonizing over a meal plan each week but can instead get great ingredients for delicious dishes shipped directly to your door.


Carpooling isn’t only about saving money on parking and fuel. For example, if you carpool to work or take public transit, you could spend this time studying. Alternatively, see if your textbooks are available as audiobooks and use your drive time more effectively.

Online Lectures

Some study programs offer lectures online as well as in person. Even if you need to watch and attend the online class in real-time, it still could save you hours on your commute.

Utilizing small moments throughout your day can add up significantly and assist with easing your mental load. Be open about your needs and obligations with your partner, family, employer, and choice of study so that you can feel supported in your endeavors.

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