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How Quickly can you Write an Essay?

Published by at January 27th, 2023 , Revised On February 8, 2023

Writing an essay with a tight deadline is the worst nightmare of student life.  And how long does it take for a student to complete an essay is a tough question.  The essay writing process involves finding a suitable topic, preparing notes or outlines, research, and revisions.

If you want to score well on your essay, you have to give adequate time and attention to all these steps. The question remains how much time you should spend on each of the steps to complete your essay quickly.

To write a top-quality essay, you need a relaxed mind and patience to develop your ideas. Each part of the process will take time, although it may vary depending on the complexity of the topic, the word count required, type of essay you are writing, type of research you need to conduct, and your writing skills but we cannot estimate the optimal time one can complete it by.

How Quickly can you Write a 500 Words Essay

A simple, brief 500 words essay might take an hour for the skilled writer to complete, which an average writer may complete in 3 hours. A technical task of the same length may take the experience and skilled writer 5 hours to complete.

Some key factors to determine your speed at the essay writing are as follows;

  • Knowledge about the topics and/or the research work
  • Data collection
  • Planning and formation
  • The length of the essay
  • Your skills and experience in writing
  • Citing and referencing
  • Revising the essay

How Long Does it Take to do my Research for the Essay?

If you are writing a persuasive essay on a topic which you already have knowledge about, conducting the research may not take any time at all. You just need to put your thoughts on the paper in an organised and coherent manner.

But if you have less or no knowledge about the topic, you will have to do your research before you start writing the essay. Some topics might be easier to get information for while others can be more obscure with limited information available making it harder to collect the data.

So basically, the easier it is to find the information, the quicker you can complete your essay.

Data Collection

Collecting the data depends on the writer’s reading and comprehension skills. To collect relevant information, some of us just have to skim through the paper. But it might require more time and effort for those who have to thoroughly read and re-read the paper several times to pick up all the salient points.

Being good at reading and comprehension will help you complete your essay faster as the data collection will save a lot of time for you.

Planning and Formation

The time required for formation depends on how well do you plan. Throwing yourself impetuously at a 2000 word long essay from introduction to conclusion might be an easy option but will not secure you good grades.

Planning your essay involves shaping its curves and twists interestingly, highlighting and emphasizing the most important aspects actually saves time. The guidelines or instructions from your supervisor may tell you how to structure and properly formulate the essay so read them carefully and use the extracted information from them to wrap it up quickly.

Length of the Essay and your Writing Skills

Do you ever feel lost halfway through the sentence? Like the information which was so bright just a couple of minutes ago fade away in your mind.

We thought so!

And the solution is the faster you type, the easier to capture your thoughts before they escape your mind, and the quicker to complete your essay. The length of the essay is a no-brainer for a person with good typing skills.

5000 words essay?

No big deal, 3 hours or less of typing and you are good to go. Consider playing typing games to improve your typing speed.

Here is a detailed article on how long should be your essay.

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Revisions and Amendments

Revising the work matters a lot if you are writing for grades and want to score good. Your essay is not complete if you have not revised it at least once.

Our advice is not to start writing it the day before the final submission. Try to get the draft down at least a couple of days before you have to hand it in. Read your essay to yourself to help rectify the careless mistakes and do a little bit of editing here and there to improve the quality to your maximum capability.

Check the focus of your narration and make sure it is not diverted to something irrelevant. Make sure you have made your points clear and opaque for the reader to read through and Viola! You have a masterpiece at your disposal.

The reviewing work does not take long.  If fortunately, you do not have many changes to make, you will be done with it in under half an hour.

Take your time. Do what you got to do. We know you are in a rush to complete your essay, but if it’s a predominant essay of your course we advise you to take your time to get a better quality product.

If somehow, you were not lucky enough to budget your time conservatively, and lack the earlier discussed skills, our experts are capable of finishing an awesome 1000 words essay in just under 8 hours.

Because after all, it’s better to find an expert than to take the stress off the looming deadline and mess it up.

How Long it Takes to Write an Essay?

Now, let’s head over to some basic guidelines to provide us with a rough estimate of the minimum time required to complete an essay. But keep in mind the factors we discussed earlier because those mitigating factors can increase or decrease the duration mentioned below.

1,000 – 2,500 words Essay

1,000 to 2,500 words tasks are most commonly assigned to the students during their courses. A student can cover all the important information in this length. It takes 4 to 10 pages of a Word document.

The time required to complete a 2,500 words essay depends on the time you will take to complete the earlier discussed steps.

You might work hard and tirelessly and complete it in 3 to 4 days but an expert like ours can compete in just 10 hours.

A suggested time allocation to get perfect results for a 1000-2500 words essay are as follows;

  • Research work and data collection (4 hours)
  • Planning and Formation (1-2 hours)
  • Writing (3-8 hours)
  • Citing and referencing (30-60 Minutes)
  • Revising the essay (1 hour)

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