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What is Meant by the Realistic Research Paper

Published by at January 27th, 2023 , Revised On October 10, 2023

A realistic research paper is academic writing containing original researched content or reviews. If we consider the difference in practical research papers with regular research, a significant difference occurs when we don’t add our discussions or arguments to the writing.

The realistic research paper only includes research that is authentic and approved. When you write an essay, you write whatever you know about the topic, but it’s different in a realistic research paper.

Comparing further research papers and academic writing, the research paper is somehow lengthier than academic writing as it contains more researched content.

In a realistic research paper, you need to insert the researched content without any addition to your words. However, in this article, we will discuss writing a research paper efficiently:

How to Write a Realistic Research Paper?

If we talk about the difficulty usually face able in writing the realistic research paper, it’s not tricky more than usual writing. This is because you have to include factual and proven data.

But some things need to be healthy while writing the research paper. These include the entire idea of the topic and sources for collecting the authentic material.

Here are the steps, including tips for making your research efficient:

Understand the Topic/Assignment:

It’s impossible to complete the task of writing a research paper without the knowledge of the topic and its theme. So, the first thing is to know about the problem and carefully understand its details.

For better understandings, the writer usually conducts with their supervisors or professionals. Later on, clarify the paper’s format, method, goal, deadline, quantity, quality, and submission procedure.

It’s a good idea to have a structured layout before you start writing because it will help you remember what’s on your mind and what it was. Most of the time, when you are writing, you forget the material you are researching. The best way of defending this problem is to use sticky notes.

Start Researching

After you finish understanding the topic, start researching the subject and the things related to your problem. Discuss the research based on the discussion between professionals and try to sort out the issue you can focus on further.

Never stick to a single source instead focus on researching through multiple sources, including physical books, reliable sources, and websites. Please don’t add the content that is in your mind because it may look unauthentic.

Trying to add the maximum citation to your context would increase the originality of the content.

However, one of another idea of increasing the originality is to use questions that are engaging and relevant to your writing.

Create a Thesis Statement

It’s just liked a summary that describes the purpose and overview of the content. If you are beginning the paper with the questions, it should be answered in the thesis statement. That’s isn’t enough because you have to tell why this question is supportive of your research.

The thesis statement is a statement that should be short and efficient because it just gives an idea about your context. This happens through reading it repeatedly and refining all the way.

Create an Outline/Structure

An outline of the research paper includes the arguments and different ideas which you will share in your writing. The framework helps create a better presentation.

An outline is a fact that makes your writing efficient because you will cover all the topics and other research material.

Talking about the structure of the research paper, the fabric helps to maintain the presentation. Through making the structure, you can quickly build blocks for a paragraph.

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Start with the introduction of the research paper.

The best way to write an introduction is to make it based on What, Why, and How. This is important and effective because they want to know what the research is about, why they should read, and how they will engage.

“What” will explain the history and background of the research, where it will also discuss the key terms about the topic of the study.

“Why” will tell be the supportive section to the previous one, whereas it will also tell essential issues and questions in the context.

“How” will discuss the things which going to be addressed in the paper. Its usually done by mentioning the table of content or index in the beginning.

Start writing the body.

The body is the most important and central part of the research paper. It would brief all the research, whereas it should contain multiple headings.

This part of the paper is one of the most difficult ones because it should contain everything. This would be the part where the outline you made will be helpful. The thesis statement and shape are the best way of staying on track.

The headings, along with the paragraphs, should be engaging with one another because the topic is individual, and the research should be relevant.

Start proofreading and revision.

None of the writers is perfect and accurate, and when they are writing, they use the words that are coming in their minds. These words usually comprise of some mistakes and poor writing. However, the proofreading and revising it is the best option for making your content better.

During proofreading, you should do your paper writing. You should check all the errors, including vocabulary, grammatical errors, and weak structure. You can use the grammar checker tool like GrammarlyPrepostseo grammar checkerZoho.


There are numerous situations where you have to write a research paper. Many people fail to get their degree on time because of weak research or poor presentation.

However, the above factors are beneficial in making your research paper full and final. Through passing time, the trend of getting the researched content is also getting competitive. This is because many sources over the internet, as well as published, are unauthentic.


Frequently Asked Questions

A realistic research paper is a scholarly work grounded in feasible objectives, evidence-based analysis, and achievable goals, contributing meaningfully to the field of study.

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