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Dissertation Proposal Examples

Managing Tourism Attractiveness of India

The topic selected for the dissertation was “Managing Tourism Attractiveness of India.”…

Dissertation Proposal



A Phenomenological Case Study of Professional Development Experiences of ELT Faculty at Tertiary Level in the United Arab Emirates

The primary aim of the…

Dissertation Proposal



Brexit and How it Will Affect the UK Financial Services Sector

Brexit and How it will Affect the UK Financial Services Sector. The financial service sector in the UK is…

Dissertation Proposal



Constructing Legal Discourse at the UN Security Council Related to Refugee Crisis and Refusal of Countries to Enter Migrants

It is difficult to pinpoint the…

Dissertation Proposal



Sustainable Architectural Designs

Sustainable Architecture has established contemporary methodology in the engineering of material selection planning and sustainable designs…

Dissertation Proposal



Material Selection for Innovative Design of Automotive Component Interim Report

Technological advancements and increased interest in protecting…

Dissertation Proposal



Impact of E-Business Adoption and Factors of Globalisation on the Development of SMEs in Developing Countries

Impact of e-business adoption…

Dissertation Proposal



An Experimental Study On The Effectiveness Of Using Admixtures In Concrete Compared To Traditional Mix Materials; Ultimately Impacting Workability And Compressive Strength

Concrete admixtures enhance the…


Civil Engineering


Examining The Effectiveness Of Alternate Energy In Developing Countries: A Case Of Efficient Energy Management And Production Method

The following study will examine…


Civil Engineering


The Impact of Digital Transformation (Technology) In Improving Asset Integrity and Reliability in Oil and Gas Industry.

Engineering, big data and…




Role of E-commerce in flourishing the business: A case study of Wal-Mart

With the increased globalisation, the competition within industries has also elevated…


Finance Management


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