Managing Tourism Attractiveness of India

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The topic selected for the dissertation was “Managing Tourism Attractiveness of India.” India has become the centre of attention in the globalised era due to its rising tourism industry and the exponential growth of tourists arriving in the country. This implies that the tourism industry has played an influential role in terms of its contribution to the economy and employment; however, the country has also faced severe backlash due to its inappropriate management of the tourism industry and tourists; thus making it extremely important to identify the gaps that could potentially lead to destructive outcomes in the forthcoming years.

Aim of the Dissertation:

The purpose of the dissertation was to examine and explore the impact of the tourism industry on India’s overall economy.

Research Problems and/or Hypotheses:

The problem being investigated in the research study was related to the management of tourism attractiveness; however, it requires enervating efforts and successful management. Considering India’s case, the lack of management at tourism destination sites has become an ever-rising issue; thus, the study was more concerned about identifying the factors that could negatively impact India’s economy about the tourism industry.

Description of the Research Methods:

About the research method, the study has used mixed methodology, where the primary qualitative data was obtained through the use of interviews; meanwhile, primary quantitative data was collected through questionnaires. On the other hand, secondary data was collected through peer-reviewed journal articles and websites indicating the tourism industry’s prevalence and the factors affecting tourism attractiveness across the globe. Also, a total of 50 participants were considered for the collection of primary data through a questionnaire. For the qualitative research design, thematic analysis was used, whereas quantitative data were analysed using correlation and regression analysis.

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Results and Conclusions:

The study found that a weak relationship existed throughout the variables of environment, industry, landmarks, local community, branding, and economy of India. On the other hand, the regression analysis indicated that ANOVA represented that the Indian economy is significantly affected by tourism attractiveness, which was further justified through the coefficient analysis. In particular, all of the variables were found to have positive links with the economy of India.

On the other hand, the thematic analysis revealed that India’s economy is significantly dependent upon the tourism industry. In particular, the tourism industry has helped India reduce the country’s unemployment rate while allowing the citizens to experience improvement in their standard of living. Furthermore, the findings uncovered that India’s security and safety elements had become a prevailing concern in the region. Since international tourists are infrequently provided with security and safety, the tourists are more inclined to visit other destinations than India.

Conclusively, the study found that the tourism industry has fueled the economic growth of India; thus indicating that the country must continually thrive to improve its tourism attractiveness by focusing extensively on historical landmarks, environmental friendliness, local communities, as well as consistency between the local, state, and federal governments.

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