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Personal Statement Examples

Personal Statement

Personal Statement: I consider myself a diligent, grave and rapid learner. Throughout my academic years, I am always…

Personal Statement



Personal Statement

General Practice is referred to the basis on which the National Health Service GP is relied upon (NHS, 2017).The care is being…

Personal Statement



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Our Personal Statement Service Features

Clarity and Coherence

Your statement will flow smoothly and logically. It will be easy to follow, making it a pleasure to read, and not just ‘readable’.


The personal statement we write will not only show your personality. We’ll select aspects about you that demonstrate your professionalism, and apply certain tones to the writing style reinforcing this.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service team are poised by phones and computers ready to address anything you might want to know, or want us to do.

Timely Delivery

Personal statements always seem to be the most eagerly awaited works. Have no doubt that we do our best to work quickly (but not rush) and deliver your order on or before your deadline.

Appropriate Language

Your statement will be carefully crafted with the right tone. Not too formal, not too casual, not showy or too modest – close to the way you’d talk in an in-person interview

Strict Quality Control

Our quality control department inspect what you’ve requested and specified against what our writer has produced to ensure we’ve met your requirements and followed your instructions.

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Your reader needs to know what sort of person you are and why you’re applying. Focus on explaining these things. Your interests, ambitions, experience, skills, and achievements. Then academically, why apply to this particular place? Is it the course, the professors, the reputation of the place.

Your statement will be written by a professional writer. The writer will form an image of you from the information you provide (the more, the better, please). This allows for a statement that really does come from you. People are often held back in writing their statements because of modesty or not wanting to reveal themselves to strangers. Having a writer avoids these problems.

Absolutely, yes. For starters, there is only one you, so we create you from scratch with words. And in backing up our promise, we’ll provide you with a plagiarism report.

  • A history of writing personal statements

Our experience in this practice means you get a personal statement that if your friends read, they really recognise that it’s you between the lines. It will read as though written by someone who knows you well, and it will be tailored to your chosen institution. We’ve written statements for undergraduates, master’s, and Ph.D. students from around the world, applying to countless educational establishments.

  • Success comes closer

Millions of people apply to universities every year, that means huge competition. We do our best to make sure our clients are accepted by the university they’re targeting by focusing on the most relevant information about you. Don’t leave it to chance, boost your chances of acceptance with our professional personal statement writing service.

When you write your personal statement, remember that you will be applying to several universities and courses. So, don’t make your statement too narrow or specific, but avoid being too vague, suggesting you just want to apply but have no specific aims.

Your Reason

You should show your interest in the subject, stating why you really want that place. Support this by explaining your passion and your academic or career goals in the area, and what motivates you to study the subject in depth. Highlight any accomplishments you’ve already made, and how you want to want to further build on them. Don’t just be interested in it, love it.

At Research Prospect, we know exactly what universities want to hear in personal statements. We can craft a captivating and genuine personal statement that makes you shine just when you need to.

Recurring Themes

Writing a personal statement that covers several different courses is difficult. Different subjects contain themes, some of these themes will occur in other subjects, they will overlap. One challenging aspect of writing a personal statement is addressing them all, and breaking down similar items, such as imagination, resourcefulness, and vision.

We can step in and help here; our experts, with their years of experience, can isolate the common themes and encase them all in one personal statement.

Include Yourself

Some students don’t include themselves enough in their statements. Your experiences and achievements are all very relevant. You won’t just be ‘a student studying something’, you’ll be an individual on campus, interacting with everyone and sharing your personality with tutors and other students. They want to know what soft skills you have, whether you do volunteering, or if you’re a member of any clubs. It adds more power to your application if you can present a picture of yourself as someone who will be an active participant in the society of the university.

This area requires careful balance so you shouldn’t try to show yourself as loved by everyone and involved with everything. Our writers can achieve this balance, presenting the reader with a personal statement that leaves a good, memorable impression.

The more time you can give us, the more time we can give your personal statement. Yes, we treat client deadlines as law, and always abide by them.

Of course, there are other providers. But here’s the advantage you can gain from using Research Prospect:
We have long experience in this area; having written personal statements for thousands of students. And so, we have refined and perfected the practice over the years. We know where to tweak each individual statement for different subjects and institutions, even specific tweaks for specific universities (secret knowledge!).

You will also benefit from the clarity and coherence of our writing. Rather than throwing down well-used phrases, we put together text that conveys an image of you. Unquestionably, this is written grammatically correctly, is well-structured, and flows logically.

Based on information we request from you, we highlight your passion for the subject, illustrate your achievements, experiences, and the skills you have developed in this area.