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Statement of Work (SOW)

Establishing a PMO Office to Gain a Competitive Edge Over Competitors For DELL in CHINA

Introduction/ Background

Dell is considered a US-based multinational high-tech company involved in the development of computer systems, laptops, and other gadgets. The company is currently headquartered in Texas, the United States of America. The company is also famous for providing maintenance services for IT-related products and equipment as well. However, it is also a considerable fact that the demand for IT-related companies has increased in China. In this concern, the primary intention of the project is based on the establishment of the Project Management Office (PMO) in China. With this Project Management Office (PMO), Dell will attain a chance to cater to China’s market. In addition to this, the company will also attain a chance to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors (DELL, 2018).

Scope of Project

The scopes of the project are listed below.

  • Defining information to be included on the PO’s cover page, header text, and attachments
  • It provides extensive information on the benefit of the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) in China.
  • It identifies the main stakeholders and sponsors of the project
  • It provides a guideline for the approval and establishment of the Project Management Office in China
  • It provides information on the scheduling of the projects through which the company (Dell) can attain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Period of Performance

Date Task
09/07/2018 Project Team Approval
09/15/2018 Project Charter Approval
09/25/2018 Planning Phase
10/05/2018 Collection of Required Information
10/15/2018 Formulation of Scope Statement
10/25/2018 Development of Work Breakdown Structure
11/05/2018 Allocation of Budget
10/20/2018 Project Management Plan
11/15/2018 Testing Phase
11/25/2018 Establishment of Project Management Office in China

Place of Performance

The majority of the work for the implementation of PMO in Dell China will be carried out in the head office of Dell China. The team of Dell China will contract the vendor of PMO to perform the work in accordance with the scope and objectives.

Moreover, training sessions and meetings regarding the project will also be held within the office’s premises.

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Work Requirements

Following are the requirements of the project based on the phases that are required to be fulfilled:

Initiation Phase

  1. Project Proposal
  2. Project approval
  3. Project Charter
  4. Project Initiation Document

Planning Phase

  1. Documentation of working process
  2. Identification of Business Requirements
  3. Creation of Future Model
  4. Evaluation of Business Needs
  5. Determination of Specifications

Execution Phase

  1. Development & Testing Process
  2. Technical Specification Assessment
  3. Conduct performance validation
  4. Reliability testing phase

Testing Phase

  1. Establish Acceptance Environment
  2. Analyzing the testing results
  3. Workflow Commencement
  4. Upgradation of Features
  5. Conduct awareness sessions

Project Closure Phase

  1. Document Lessons Learnt
  2. Generate Technical Report
  3. Generate PMP Report

Schedule/ Milestones

Following are the milestones of the project of PMO implementation in Dell China, along with the details regarding task owner and target dates:

Place Table here

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance criteria of the undertaken project are that Project Management Office (PMO) is implemented following the scope of the project that has been mentioned in the prior section of the project scope statement.

The project manager will ensure an efficient team that oversees the quality of different activities of the project. After completing all the activities of the project, the project manager will close by collecting necessary feedback and suggestions from the project team and employees of Dell China.

Other Requirements

The testing of PMO implementation in Dell China will be done on the premises of the office. While carrying out the implementation, it will be ensured that the data is backed up so that the employees or management of the company does not face any loss.

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