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Academic Subject – Management Science

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To succeed in life and become an established member of society, adequate educational knowledge is of the utmost importance. In light of the previously mentioned statement, I feel that acquiring a PhD. A degree in Management Sciences from the University of Sussex would be an honour and a privilege that would aid me in enhancing my managerial competencies. I am applying for the PhD program concerning Masters in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management to pursue my career within the Pharmaceutical sector, particularly the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain management aspect. I am passionate about undertaking an academic research study with respect to the domain of supply chain and its relevant logistical operations that transpire within the pharmaceutical industry. These interests can also be viewed as per my prior experience in management, supply chain, and logistics, where I was assigned to visit sites and manage and resolve clients’ queries and inventories. My prior experience as per my interests has led me to discover that I enjoy practical work in supply chain and procurement. As per the doctorate level, it is important to have an effective education that could be easily and practically implemented into professional life and career. Keeping all these factors in mind, I have decided to enroll in the doctoral program offered by the University of Sussex so as to explore the subfields pertinent to supply chain management within the pharmaceutical industry.

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As per my prior experience as an Intern Pharmacist at NAFDAC, Nigeria, I was able to conduct extensive research and investigation and managing customer relations. I was open towards different opportunities that allowed me to carry out product analyses, visiting merchandising sites, and understanding the procurement procedure of the organization. In-line with my experience, I can say that I enjoyed working there, and understanding the overall supply chain and logistics of the company encouraged me to pursue the doctoral program at the University of Sussex. Moreover, I have also worked as a pharmacist at St. Ives Specialist Hospital, Nigeria where I was responsible for sourcing and dispensing medicines and health supplies. I was also hired for the management of inventory without impacting the availability of supplies. My experience and knowledge of supply chain and procurement in the field of pharmaceutical has encouraged me to take another step towards my career and pursue a PhD program at your university. I will be able to integrate my knowledge of supply chain, management, and logistics with my experience in the pharmaceutical industry of Nigeria while exploring new horizons and ideas in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Overall, I am interested in the supply chain, procurement, product, and business development roles with opportunities for rapid growth. My interest, passion, and prior experience can be a strong point to become a potential candidate for this doctoral program. My career and academic research in the field of supply chain and procurement while focusing on the pharmaceutical industry will help me with my ambition to succeed in the doctoral program offered by the university. My expertise in maintaining healthy communication with the clients along with other interpersonal skills will allow me to follow my ambition. Enrolment in the doctoral program will also provide me opportunities to develop my academic knowledge of supply chain and procurement along with other managerial skills that are necessary for me to become a successful pharmacist and inventory manager. Therefore, I believe that my prior experience and interests in the same field make me an ideal candidate to pursue the doctoral program at the University of Sussex.

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