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Choosing an intriguing topic of research is the first step towards completing your dissertation. Once you have chosen a research topic and subsequently written a research proposal, the next step is to write a dissertation outline/plan in order to get your supervisor to agree to the contents of your dissertation. UK university students often struggle to initiate work on their dissertation project in a timely manner, primarily because they feel unsure about where to start.

It should be noted that a dissertation outline acts as a road-map to guide the course of your research study. A dissertation that is expanded out of outline is likely to bring you better grade. However, like the proposal, developing a coherent outline presents various challenges which means that students may struggle to design, organize and structure their research. If you are experiencing such problems then you should consider taking advantage of our professional dissertation topic and outline service in UK.

Why Dissertation Outlines Carry Heavy Weightage?

  • The primary aim of a dissertation outline is to let your supervisor know how you are going to complete your research and dissertation assignment by the due deadline.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to briefly address the questions such as why you chose a particular research topic and what results you are expecting from your research study.
  • The research methods to be employed to collect secondary and/or primary data should also be briefly discussed in the dissertation outline.
  • Such a framework should be flexible enough to withstand amendments that will be inevitable as the research progress yet comprehensive enough to shed light on the direction and structure of your research.

The outline can further help you to improve your own knowledge and understanding of your research objectives and make changes to your schedule to make sure that the project can be managed with the timeframe and resources available to you. Research Prospect dissertation writers have years of experience in best dissertation writing industry, and therefore we are certain that they will be able to develop a robust dissertation outline that will identify what and what not will fall within the scope of your research.

So get dissertation topic ideas and dissertation outline from our professional dissertation writers in UK to understand how your dissertation project will be broken down into small yet manageable sections that will eventually form the basis of the chapters of your dissertation – Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings and Analysis, Discussions and Conclusion.

Research Prospect dissertation topic and outline service in UK comprises of two stages:

1. We provide a number of dissertation topics for you to choose from.
2. A 500/1000 word outline/plan will be written by your writer once you have selected your topic.

Based on your requirements, Research Prospect can provide you with either Standard (500 word) or Premium (1000 word) dissertation outline.


Standard Dissertation Topic & Outline

With this service, you will get a 500 word outline that will include justification of topic, research aim (so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve with your research), literature review, details on the data collection methods employed, suggestions concerning data analysis and 5 references.

Premium Dissertation Topic & Outline Service

This service includes all features of the standard topic and outline services, plus: comprehensive research objectives, justification of research aim, comprehensive literature review, justification of the data collection methods employed, detailed guidelines concerning data analysis and 10 references.

1. Standard 500 words

£69.99 £49.99 (Limited Time Offer)
Suitable to undergraduate and Master’s students
• Justification of Topic
• Research Aim
• Literature Review
• Methodology, Detailed Data Collection and Analysis
• Data Analysis Suggestions and 5 References

2. Premium 1000 words

Suitable to undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students
• Same features as Standard, plus:
• Detailed Research Objectives
• Detailed Literature Review
• Justification of Methodology and Detailed Data Analysis
• Data Analysis Guidelines and 10 References
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Get a Free Dissertation Topic and Outline with your Full Dissertation order.

Over the last several years, a large number of students have taken advantage of our professional dissertation topic and outline service. If you are about to start writing your thesis, dissertation or proposal then our writers can:

• Suggest suitable, appropriate and intriguing dissertation topics for you to choose from (Or you can provide us with your own topic).
• Create structure of your dissertation in accordance with your requirements.
• Develop dissertation outline/plan and help you to get it approved by your supervisor.
All work completed by our expert UK writers is guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism free and fully referenced. If you are ever unhappy with our work quality, simply let us know and we will address your concern.

Request Additional References

Our writers can also create a comprehensive list of references for you, outlining the most relevant academic sources (up to 50 sources can be added) that you can use for your dissertation including research papers, books, academic journals and articles, company reports, government publications and white papers. Additional fee apply.


How To Order For Our Dissertation Topic and Outline Service

Placing your order for our dissertation topic and outline service is quick and easy. Simply complete our online order form and provide the required information such as your contact details, choose service type "topic and outline service", and select the required academic quality standard (1st class, 2:1 or 2:2). The order form will display prices for both standard and premium topic and outline services as you click on the Get Price Button.

Paying For Our Dissertation Topic and Outline Service

We are accepting payment for dissertation topic and planning services through all major credit and debit cards, direct bank transfer/deposit and PayPal transfers. Please feel free to contact us via telecom or email if you have any questions regarding the accepted payment methods. Your completed dissertation paper will be sent to your specified email address on or before the deadline so you have enough time to review the work and request for amendments (if required). Your writer will initiate work on your dissertation order as soon as we have received your payment.


Are you in need of a dissertation plan that you can show to your supervisor? Worried about your proposal or dissertation? A dissertation outline/plan from Research Prospect can pave the path towards a perfect dissertation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
You can place your order for the dissertation topic and outline service by completing our online order form. Select the quality standard - 1st class, 2:1 or 2:2 and the academic level you require (i.e. undergraduate, Master’s or PhD). In the Order Type field, select either “Dissertation Topic and Outline Standard” or “Dissertation Topic and Outline Premium”. State your requirements in the field “Requirements”. You can provide us with your own topic in the Requirements field or request topics from our expert academics. You will also be able to add paid features such as Presentation, Reflective Log/Diary to your order. If you requested topics from our writers, they will be sent to you via an email within 24 hours of the payment being processed. Your completed dissertation outline will be delivered to your email address within 72 hours once the topic is selected or from the payment in case you provided your own topic.
If you requested topics from our writers, they will be sent to you via an email within 24 hours of the payment being processed. Your completed dissertation outline will be delivered to your email address within 72 hours once the topic is selected or from the payment in case you provided your own topic.
Can I customise the outline/plan?
We take pride in offering services that can be customised in any way you like. Just let us know your exact requirements in the order form and we will customise your dissertation outline accordingly.
Can I use my dissertation outline as a proposal?
You must not confuse the outline with proposal as dissertation outline is a unique document that serves as a starting point for completing your dissertation or proposal. A dissertation outline provides valuable ideas on how your proposal or dissertation project should be approached. If you would like to order a dissertation proposal, simply select Proposal in the Order Type field and our writers will be happy to write it for you.
How do I use my dissertation outline?
A dissertation outline serves as a starting point for your proposal or dissertation assignment and helps you to move in the right direction. With your dissertation outline, you can develop further ideas independently, plan your timescale for completion of your dissertation, get a clear picture of exactly what should be done, get view/opinions of an expert academic on the content of your dissertation and familiarise yourself with the topic.
What if your writer is unable to suggest a suitable topic?
We have a large team of expert writers specialising in every academic subject, and therefore the possibility of our team of professional writers not being able to suggest a suitable topic is very slim. However, in the rare event where our writer is unable to suggest a suitable topic, we will let you know within two days and refund your payment.
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