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"A literature review can be described as a text written by a writer to present conclusive evidence whilst making methodological and theoretical contributions to any given research topic. Take guaranteed route to success with our professional literature review writing service."

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What is a Good Literature Review?

literature review is typically defined as a critical summary of other scholars’ work in your field of study. The length of a dissertation literature review depends on the expected overall word count of your complete dissertation paper and your academic level.

Literature reviews of undergraduate and Masters’ dissertations are generally 3000-6000 words in length depending on the module specifications. PhD level dissertation literature reviews are much longer. The length of a PhD dissertation can vary anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 words. Regardless of what academic level the dissertation literature review is for, it should compare relevant theories to provide the basis to your own research work.

If you have been asked to write a literature review but are unsure about what to include in it then you have come to the right place. Writing a good dissertation literature review, you will require you to;

  • Find academic sources that appear to be relevant to your topic of research.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate each source and shortlist the ones that are directly relevant to your scope of research.
  • Find gaps in knowledge and draw conclusions from the literature material.

Why We Are the Best Dissertation Literature Review Writing Service

Our dissertation literature review writing services are designed to help you with every aspect of your literature review. We have a large team of literature review writing specialists who will be able to write your literature review based on your exact requirements no matter what your academic level and the academic subject is.

Rest assured the writer who will be assigned to your literature review order will be capable of satisfying every bit of your needs.

Our literature review writing service includes literature reviews for PhD, Master’s and undergraduate proposals and dissertations as well as literature review coursework assignments.

Each literature review order completed by Research Prospect writers is customised to suit your exact needs regardless of the complexity and specialisation involved.

If you need a well written, focused, information and relevant to your topic literature review then our literature review help services are the perfect match for you.

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Professional Samples

Our dissertation writers have written thousands of dissertation literature reviews over the years. Her are some sample dissertation literature review samples that demonstrate the quality of our dissertation services. These samples has been produced to a certain academic quality.


Our Writers

An excellent literature review requires several days of research and writing, and therefore many students are unable to complete their literature review writing task in a timely manner. Are you running short of time? Are you struggling with literature review writing? Is yes then take advantage of our expert literature review writing service. Research Prospect has a large team of expert academics including professors and lecturers from highly reputed universities. Thousands of college and university students have benefited from our literature review writing service over the years and so you can also be confident of receiving a custom literature review which will be written by experienced writers who hold Masters or PhD degrees from reputed universities.

Reasons to Choose Research Prospect's Literature Review Writing Services

Almost all universities in the UK require students to complete the literature review assignment as part of their degree course. A well-written literature review gives an insight into your ability to assess arguments of other people, identify knowledge gaps and draw appropriate conclusions based on your own observations and knowledge. It should be noted that without covering all aspects of research and data collection, it is simply not possible to achieve good grades in your literature review coursework. Getting help from a UK’s leading literature review writing service can ease the burden off your shoulders.

Writing a critical literature review can prove to be an extremely challenging task if a substantial amount of research has not been conducted, and that is where our professional literature review writing service in the UK comes into play. Are you struggling with your literature review writing task? If yes then why not ask Research prospect for literature review writing help? Research Prospect offers a literature review online writing service to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Individual coursework assignment or part of your dissertation or proposal – Research Prospect is able to help with all types of literature review assignments.

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We have carefully designed the order form to help our clients place their order for literature review writing service. Navigate to our order form and fill in the fields with your personal details. You can change the word count, required academic quality (First Class, 2:1 or 2:2), deadline and academic level (PhD, master’s, undergraduate) to change the price to the level that fits within your budget.

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Enter you topic details if you already have a chosen topic or select the option “request topics from the writer” if you want topic ideas to choose from. Choose the required referencing style (Harvard, APA, MLA) and attach relevant files such your dissertation handbook, or literature review assignment brief, assessment criteria, formatting guidelines and relevant academic sources in electronic format. For an additional fee, you will also be able to add additional features to your order such as customised delivery plan, presentation and reflective log. Click the “Submit” button to confirm your order.

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You will be able to pay for the service using your debit/credit card, PayPal account or direct bank transfer. Please feel free to contact us via telecom or email if you have any questions regarding the acceptable payment methods. For large orders such as a dissertation, Research Prospect is able to accept the payment in two or three instalments.

Traditional or Narrative Review

Which aims to provide a broad overview of a research topic without a focused research approach. This includes a subjective summary of findings from a theoretical and contextual standpoint.

Systematic Literature Review

This type of literature review uses an explicit research approach to provide a critical analysis and review of several academic sources. A systematic literature review will present a thorough summary of existing literature material in the chosen area of research.

Meta-analysis Literature Review

This particular type of literature review involves use of statistical methods to summarise the findings. We have meta-analysis experts in all academic subjects so place your order with confidence.


This combines findings from various qualitative research conducted by other theorists in the past. It is a process that allows theorists and scholars to identify a particular research question and address it by finding, choosing, evaluating, summarising and linking qualitative data.

Problems You Can Expect To Face When Writing A Literature Review

Whether you need to write a literature review as a standalone assignment or as part of your dissertation project, it can be particularly demanding and painstaking. Writing a great literature review requires specialised skills in your subject area. If it is the first time you are undertaking such an assignment you might need a helping hand. Here are some of the difficulties you can face when writing a literature review, and the reasons why you might need to use our literature review writing services;

  • You are unsure about which area you are going to research.
  • You are unable to find relevant literature and narrowing it down to a focused interest.
  • You are preoccupied with other university assignments or other parts of your dissertation, and simply don’t have the time to work on your literature review.
  • You are not familiar with how to structure a dissertation literature review so that your ideas start to flow more naturally.
  • Your tutor or supervisor is unhelpful.
  • Research, analysis and writing are your weaker areas.

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Need help with literature review for dissertation? Or simply unsure about how literature review helps in research? Our expert literature review writers and helpers can write a first class dissertation literature review that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Literature reviews completed by our writers are thorough, focused and relevant to the topic of research. Once you have received your literature review order in an email, you can either accept the work or request for amendments if need be. If you accept the order then you might also want to place an order for other parts of your dissertation or another coursework assignment.

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