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Supply Chain Management includes different categories according to business processes and flows. We can classify a business into three flows- product, information, and financial. Product flow consists of the flow of products. The flow of data and information is categorized as information flow, and the flow of money falls under financial flow. Financial flow also includes the different payment methods, payment schedules prepared by the company, etc.

Considering the different flows and activities involved in the process, supply chain management is considered as a vast subject that requires experience and practical implementation for better understanding. The main components of supply chain management include:

Information Technology
Procurement & Logistics
Order Management
Inventory Management
Warehouse & Distribution

It is essential that as a student, you study various case studies, dissertations, essays and learn a lot about supply chain management questions before attempting your supply chain management assignment.

Research Prospect is a well-known name in the academic assistance field, and it is due to our high-quality services, we’ve gained the trust of all our customers. Our supply chain management assignment writers make sure that all the required aspects of supply chain management writing are included in the assignment so that both students and the tutors are satisfied with the assignment. We make sure our writers strictly follow our plagiarism policy, as we never compromise on quality. Facts and figures mentioned in the assignment are referenced using the appropriate referencing style. All assignment papers completed by our writers are checked in an anti-plagiarism software before delivery to our clients, so you can always be confident of getting a 100% unique paper.

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Masters Supply Chain Assignment Sample

Executive Summary

Procurement is identified as a process of getting the goods that the companies require. Procurement and supply chain management develop multiple functions to analyze different frameworks, models, and country-wide movement phenomena to maximize profits. Spinneys, a multinational supermarket company, is active in the United Arab Emirates. The company's strategy comes up with detailed information for Dubai LLC through required business and competitor intelligence-based needs. Spinney's sourcing strategy is based on multiple pillars, including complete food safety, environmental protection, fair prices for customer experience, free products through GMO, organic production, naturally grown vegetables and vegetables, and social responsibility. Spinneys have adopted demand-driven planning through a business operating model through real-time demand insights for demand shaping. Spinneys's supply chain and procurement management are carried out in different steps, such as resourcing or outsourcing the material.


Procurement is identified as a process of getting the goods that the companies require. Different tasks are produced by acquiring goods and services through basic requirements (Balasubramanian et al., 2017, p. 1116). Procurement covers purchasing planning, determining the standards of quality, identifying suitable suppliers, negotiating prices, financing the purchases, and inventory control for production. Supply chain management is identified as a network for manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics providers providing products in the customers' hands (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 211). The ultimate goal is to reduce inventory with the assumptions through the supply chain within a range of activities produced through procurement to customer delivery. This report will provide a critical analysis of which procurement functions have contributed to the success or failure of Spinneys.

Aims and Objectives

There are different aims and objectives utilized for this report, such as:

  • Identification of the procurement and supply management function and underpinning objectives, policies and legislation aligned with the overall strategy for Spinneys (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 446).
  • Another essential objective focuses on understanding the business improvements that Spinneys can utilize to improve its strategic sourcing arrangements with its suppliers.The questions coming up with this report involves:
  • What are the functions within procurement and supply management strategies at Spinneys?
  • How are international sourcing strategies carried out?
  • How is the supplier relationship management through freight forwarders?
  • Explain Spinney's company strategies.
  • How Spinney’s Supply Chain and Procurement is carried out?
  • How have the procurement and supply management strategies contributed to the success or failure of Spinneys?

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Functions (Sources and SRM)

Procurement and supply chain management develop multiple functions to analyze different frameworks, models, and country-wide movement phenomena to maximize profits. Spinneys utilize different components to carry out supply chain management roles, such as planning, information, production, location studying, transportation, and returns of goods aligned with the ideas. Through these components of supply chain management, Spinneys can adapt to newer functions to utilize and maximize its growth potential. The process is carried out by maintaining a solid relationship with procurement and freight forwarders. These ideas can further maximize the ideas through which the company has already maximized its strategies and can still utilize its growth-based potential (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 446). This is how; it has come up by benefiting the potential for advanced outcomes and adopting future technical ideas to better supply chain management at Spinneys.

Company Background

Spinneys, a multinational supermarket company, is active in the United Arab Emirates. There are about 77 locations of Spinneys, with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Currently, Spinneys Group Limited is a premium food supermarket retailer that operates its hypermarkets in UAE. It is also one of the companies which sell pork and non-halal meat in the UAE. The supply chain management of this company is widely circulated within the goals through the significant goals and the opportunities involved.

Company Strategy

The company's strategy comes up with detailed information for Dubai LLC through required business and competitor intelligence-based needs. It utilizes the study where internal and external strategies at Spinneys are provided with an in-depth business model. Intelligence on Spinneys Dubai LLC mergers and acquisitions is also highlighted(Balasubramanian et al., 2017, p. 1116). It was also coming up with capital raising and financial or legal advisors involved(Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 446). There are also multiple supply chain advances where support is provided to sell activities to better understand the customers' business and where the business structure is analyzed rightly.


The overall strategy at Spinneys Dubai LLC comes up with a supermarket chain where convenience is provided to the people(Benyahya et al., 2020). There are fewer competitors due to significant internal and external factors contributing to practical ideas. It is essential to include within the breakdown and examination of the key business segments. There is a whole level for business expansion, restructuring, and contractual development for easy-to-grasp development(Khan et al., 2018). There is a complete influence of strategic development within the right ideas acknowledged.


Spinney’s sourcing strategy is based on multiple pillars, including complete food safety, environmental protection, fair prices for customer experience, free products through GMO, organic production, naturally grown vegetables and vegetables, and social responsibility (Benyahya et al., 2020). These are some of the certified sustainable sources to develop the significant goals through which the company grows directly in terms of producing significant opportunities involved for consumption for environmental protection (Khan et al., 2018). This sourcing strategy is for the production of sustainable foods.

Supply Chain

The supply chain management of Spinneys involves multiple steps. First, Spinneys has adopted demand-driven planning through a business operating model through real-time demand insights for demand shaping. Demand prediction capacities through maturing artificial intelligence technologies (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 446). The company also utilizes an adaptive and agile supply chain management strategy for rapid planning and integrated production for the company plans. It is also represented by the sheer volume of the data and analytical measures for delivering the planning for executing the real-time.

Procurement and Supply Chain Set Up

First of all, the procurement process identifies the needs of Spinneys to understand the dependability and long-term availability of food products. It also evaluates user requirements to ensure the sustainability of purchases (Manikas et al., 2017). It is essential to evaluate the user requirement to ensure better management for the identification and selection of suppliers. Spinneys is important analyzing the procurement and supply chain setup by developing an efficient ordering system to control the complete development(Shqairat et al., 2018). It negotiated along with the bidding processes and the contracts with the whole ideas.

Overview of Setup

Spinneys's supply chain management and procurement management is carried out in different steps, such as resourcing or outsourcing the material(Younis et al., 2019). The second step is developing the commodities or group strategies involved. The third idea is establishing a complete supply chain base in UAE. The fourth idea is developing and managing the supplier relationship(Balasubramanian et al., 2017, p. 1116). The fifth is integrating the suppliers for new products for developing the processes. Another essential idea is integrating the fulfilment of the processes. The last and most crucial step for Spinneys is supplier development and quality management processes.

Relationship between Procurement, Supplier Management and Purchasing

Procurement, supplier management and purchasing at Spinneys formulate a critical relationship. The products are developed and then supplied to all 77 branches of the company. It comes up directly with accelerating the purchase management. The company has adopted to formulate the relationship with sourcing strategy and SRM strategies and approach within the maturity model(Manikas et al., 2017). It is essential to come with correct dimensions and effective strategies for advancing with merits and demerits.

Scope of Logistics Management

In Spinneys, different ideas still provide a proper scope for logistics management (Alansaari et al., 2019, p. 237). The first step for logistics management is providing a strategic network design. The second step is utilizing procurement management strategies to advance better ideas. The third strategy is material handling and order processing in Spinney’s (Shqairat et al., 2018). There is also a meaningful way to utilize inventory management through which it can be handled through packaging for warehousing within the significant ideas. The last idea is transportation for the significant goals (Khan et al., 2018).


The discussion here is coming up with sourcing strategies currently utilized by Spinney’s (Younis et al., 2019). It is also discussing the maturity cycle for the sourcing strategy involved. The sourcing strategy explains the Kjaljic matric through SRM freight forwarders (Shqairat et al., 2018). Spinneys have also explained SRM strategy for Farringdon's SRM maturity model within the right strategic alliances through the primary goals involved within the ideas. These are some essential ideas covered by analyzing the suitable models involved within the goals.

Sourcing Strategies

The sourcing strategy utilized is Spinneys is utilized for formulating through creating a candidate persona (Alansaari et al., 2019, p. 237). These sourcing strategies in this company can come up with improved quality, development of product technology, reduced cycle times, cash flow improvement, cost improvement, cost reduction and improved service to end customers (Balasubramanian et al., 2017, p. 1116). These are some of the primary goals which are advanced through improving the strategic goals through improvements brought by Spinneys. These are some of the significant goals involved within the goals and advanced strategies for sourcing.

Spinney’s Sourcing Strategy

Spinney’ sourcing strategy involves embedding the change at Spinney’s and all its operations around UAE (Khan et al., 2018). The sourcing is utilized with the corrective business assessment and the understanding through which the whole operation is led (Balasubramanian et al., 2020). Understanding the market is also essential for categorical development and the execution of better management through process standardization. Utilizing supplier relationship management to maximize profits and advance within the goals and opportunities is essential. This is how; the strategy formulation of sourcing is done at Spinney’s (Balasubramanian et al., 2020).

Sourcing Strategy Maturity Cycle

Spinney’s has developed a proper maturity model within the advancement models for sourcing. Different stages are involved with the production of this maturity model:

Basic beginnings

  • Quality and the cost for team building
  • Longer-term contracts involved
  • Volume leveraging involved
  • Inventory and transportation measurement.

Moderate Development

  • Ad hoc supplier management
  • Customer alliances
  • Cross-functional team involvement
  • Cross locational teams within UAE.

Limited Integration

  • Integration and sourcing over all the branches involved
  • Defined alliances within the suppliers
  • The total cost of the owner involved.

Fully Integrated Models

  • Global supply chain with an external focus on customers
  • Comprehensive models for information visibility
  • Fully serviced suppliers involved
  • Early suppliers involved.

Kjaljic Matrix

This matrix for Spinney's supply chain depends on different factors involved. There are different factors such as leverage, strategic, non-critical, and bottleneck items involved. It has developed different fuels for utilizing the fields that involve major supply chain management factors (Khan et al., 2018). This is how; it has come directly in terms of utilizing the benefits and the factors through procurement practices.

assignment supply chain

SRM – Freight Forwarders

Multiple freight forwarders are involved in SRM through which companies can organize shipments for individuals for manufacturers(Khan et al., 2018). The practice is utilized in direct contact with the market, customer, and final distribution point. This is how; forwarders can be contracted with multiple carriers to move within the goods involved (Abudaqa et al., 2020, p. 728). Spinneys utilize their strategies for producing their material, its procurement, and sending it to their advanced locations involved in UAE. It is also essential to maximize the opportunities for corrective techniques (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 211).

Spinneys SRM Strategy

Spinney's SRM strategy utilizes the valuable segment supplication for identifying the importance to the businesses (Abudaqa et al., 2020, p. 728). The second approach utilizes a tactical plan and the performance metrics through supplier or categorical divisions (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 211). The third meaningful way is executing the strategy where there is a continuous measure of strategic success involved within (Shqairat et al., 2018). It is essential to analyze the perfected goals, which confirm the goals through which it can majorly adopt the goals that involve the growth patterns.

Spinney’s Approach to SRM

Spinney's approach to SRM is handled through analyzing within the models. The maturity models are handled through the significant goals that come up with models' involvement. There is a structural growth that is advancing the right alliances (Balasubramanian et al., 2020). Spinney's is applicable in different countries, utilizing structural growth to maximize the growth patterns involved. These are some of the essential goals of revoking the strategies to exercise the supply chain management through a better focus.

Farringdon’s SRM Maturity Model

Farringdon’s SRM Maturity Model is coming up with different ideas through which it can deliver the benefits and the utilization:


The transactional style is developed through the significant goals involved:

  • Short term relationship management
  • Allocation of limited resources to the suppliers
  • Buying and selling relationship (Balasubramanian et al., 2020).
  • Local suppliers
  • No need for providing Innovation.
  • Lack of tendency to the investment.


The strategies here are identified as:

  • Suppliers depend on the buyers.
  • Multi suppliers for every product involved.
  • High competition within the suppliers

Business Partnership

A business partnership is also dependent on different factors:

  • Buyers depend on the suppliers.
  • Development of the competition from power to the buyer.
  • High level of buying power involved.
  • High bargaining power within the variety of supplier’s product.


In conclusion, utilizing the correct dimensions for carrying out better supply chain practices at Spinneys is essential. It is also imperative to improve its future operations and sourcing strategies (Abudaqa et al., 2020, p. 728). Customer service will be acknowledged better through the expectation of the correct product mix and quantity to be delivered on time (Balasubramanian et al., 2020). Through supply chain management recognizing all the necessary models, the company can decrease purchasing cost, decrease production cost, and decrease total supply chain costs.

Business Improvement Recommendations

There are different supply chain management recommendation strategies for Spinneys that can improve overall business performance and efficiency. First, Spinneys can utilize automatic purchasing where continual monitoring inventory levels takes up more time (Alansaari et al., 2019, p. 237). New ERP systems with supply chain management can feature automated purchasing. ERP software for Spinneys can be programmed to place orders with vendors when inventory levels are dropped below a certain level (Abudaqa et al., 2020, p. 728). Automatic purchasing will come up with employees on concentrating on other essential duties.

The second recommendation is processing standardization to develop centralized growth work for handling supply chain management. When standardized ERP system can improve it can increase efficiency by saving time and money. There is also an essential benefit for employees through increasing accuracy, encouraging teamwork and reducing miscommunication.

The third recommendation is improving transparency. Water, mistakes and fraud can permanently improve with a supply chain strategy fixed within the right ERP system. It will recognize one of the most critical inventory management for reconciling the software for physical inventory count (Bvepfepfe et al., 2019, p. 211). Increasing internal SCM transparency can be critically involved with unexplained inventory or financial losses.

The fourth recommendation which Spinneys can use real time inventory management. Traditional inventory management can involve using modern ERP software to keep a complete track. It is a traditional inventory management tactic to limited scalability where modern ERP software can have unlimited flexibility to match all the businesses' growth and establishing unique needs(al Naqbi et al., 2018, p. 424).

The fifth recommendation for Spinneys is raising cost awareness. This is an essential strategy for utilizing variables with the company's supply chain management. Different managers in this company can be unaware of the expenses (Abudaqa et al., 2020, p. 728). A centralized financial management system will pinpoint the organization to utilize more money spending. It will also encourage cost related communication and ideas for consolidating expenses for the streamlining process within the goals (Manikas et al., 2017).


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