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Most of the posters aren’t attractive and do not catch the eye of the reader. They are jammed with text and more text. Lack of images and colours make them boring. These posters are unattractive

These are the words a jury of experienced academicians at a scientific poster presentation competition. It is clear that academic tutors want students and researchers to prepare attractive and colourful posters because no one wants to see lots and lots of text on a poster with hardly any images. The design and style of the poster is also of paramount importance because readers won’t be evaluating your poster based on the quality of the contents. If you are struggling to make a poster or need help with technical poster making then you have come to the most relevant and helpful page on the internet. Content in KING! So presenting at a scientific/academic poster competition should not be too difficult as long as you are presenting sound science. It is important to know how much of technical or scientific information you should be presenting on your poster to attract the audience.

Colourful and Stylish Academic Poster Writing Service in UK

Have you ever been to academic poster sessions in a university? What are the most interesting and attractive aspects of an academic poster. The moment you look at an academic poster, you either look for a keyword in the title or design & layout of the scientific poster. Who wants to read a large chunk of text that is absolutely boring? You are right! NO ONE. Our academic poster writers are highly skillful and experienced, and they can provide with your a range of scientific poster layout options. Whether it is simple poster making or creative poster layout ideas, they will be able to help you achieve first class in your poster presentation.

If this is not the first time you are making a poster on PowerPoint, you will know for sure the type of posters you would skip and the ones you would keep looking at. Research Prospect academic poster specialists can create the best academic research  poster design that will be like a self contained journal article. These will generally include intro, aim and objectives, literature, research methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion and references. Or you can order for less comprehensive ones that are obviously more attractive and catchy.

Images are a powerful tool for interact with people so having enough images on the poster will make sure that you don’t have to stand by your poster for the whole session. HINT – “Spark Curiosity and answer questions with images.” We can also provide academic poster examples/samples so you can kick-start your academic poster project in a timely manner.

Tips For Designing An Academic Poster

Kendel Powell (Nature.com, 2012) provides some excellent tips on how to make a poster (in powerpoint) so you can ace your academic poster presentation.

“A poster should look catchy from 10 meters away”

His commandments are:

  • Choose landscape (horizontal) over portrait (vertical) orientations.
  • Follow the recommended dimensions and instructions. Make sure you allow for white space and large fonts and images.
  • Use photographs, cartoons or illustrations to explain concepts. Limit the word count to 1,000 words.
  • Take great care in writing the abstract: conference attendees will identify posters to visit from the abstract book.
  • Make the title the punchline of the research—and make it intriguing. Consider placing an engaging image close by.
  • Titles and headings should be in a sans-serif font, such as Helvetica. Other text should be in a serif font such as Times New Roman, with a minimum size of 22 points.
  • Consider short bullet points for methods and conclusions.
  • Use black text on a white background. Red text can be used to draw attention, but avoid blue and yellow, which are hard to read.
  • Place figures in an obvious order, and consider using numbering. Figures should have a large headline with the main finding.
  • Enlarge the best piece of data and place it squarely in the middle at eye level.
  • Have someone else proofread the text.
  • Check the poster on a large computer screen at 100%, then step back half a metre from the screen.
  • If possible, project the poster onto a wall before printing it to check formatting at actual size.
  • Take a fine-line marker pen and white tape with you to the conference to fix any mistakes that you might have missed.
  • Don’t pin viewers down with an exhaustive tour of the poster.
  • Other technological tips include the use of an iPad to show movies or barcodes directing people to other online materials.


Possible Reasons for Choosing Our Academic Poster Writing Service in UK

An academic poster is a visual presentation which displays your research skills. All university students are required to prepare an academic poster at some point during their degree course. A well designed academic poster requires months and years of research, and is likely to hang in your department for many years. With so many other commitments to attend to, creating an academic poster is a time consuming and tedious task for students, and therefore we have carefully designed our academic poster writing service in UK to ensure you make an impact and get the right academic grade. Academic poster writing requires specialised skills. Without having the professional background and experience, you may not be able to create a poster to the same standard as Research Prospect writers. One of the most notable traits of a great academic poster is that it clearly and coherently delivers your message.

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As you might expect from UK’s leading academic poster writing service, we hire industry best academic writers including professors, lecturers, doctors and graduates form highly recognised UK universities. With our academic poster writing service, you can be confident that the writer we assign to your poster assignment will have the necessary qualifications and experience to prepare it to the best possible academic standard, exactly when you need it. Research Prospect writers are fully capable of designing posters that provide an excellent platform for exchange of ideas between the audience and the presenter. Are you looking for a professional academic poster writing service in UK which employs diverse techniques to create a perfect academic poster? Surely, you want to make an impact but without having the required expertise and experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to create a poster that is not only great in design but also allows exchange of ideas in a creative manner. So get help with academic poster from Research Prospect today.

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Getting academic poster help from Research Prospect academic poster writing service in UK is very simple. Just complete our online order form and we will send your order details to our writers directly linked to your area of research. A member of our staff will revert back to you with price for your academic poster order. Upon confirmation of your order, we provide the assigned writer with all the help they need to complete the poster to your exact requirements. So you can be confident of receiving the grade you paid for. Our quality control experts then check your poster against your original set requirements to make sure that the completed paper truly reflects our image. Research Prospect academic poster writing service in UK comes with unique features such as use of specific models/frameworks/resources, diagrams/charts, table of contents, a title page, and a free plagiarism report. Paid features such as calculations, plan and draft, reflective log and appendices can also be added to your order for an additional charge.

Paying For Academic Poster Making Help

We accept payments for our custom academic poster writing service in UK through all major credit/debit cards, direct bank transfer and PayPal. Our writer will initiate work on your academic poster order once we have received your payment. Your completed poster will be delivered to your email address well before the due deadline so you have sufficient time to request for free amendments (if required). We will do all amendments for free because we are the best poster making website!
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