Why China Can Have a Different Electronic Product Market

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The growing technological advancements have led many markets in the world towards the expansion of the digital products market. These products are widely used due to their convenience and time-saving ability. In other words, these products are being considered as the pioneer of information and technology.

Communication has become easier and with the rise of globalisation, many digital products such as mobile phones and the internet have become common amongst people. Digital products market in the world China has been one of the widely expanding digital product markets emerging on both domestic and international levels. With the rise in the population in China, the use of digital products has also been increased. People now prefer different kinds of digital products and this is becoming a trend amongst all the people living in the country.

Due to this preference, the consumer’s demand for these products has risen along with the consumer base in the Chinese market. China’s digital product market has also some implications for international business products; however, consumers prefer Chinese digital products due to the low prices. Nevertheless, the quality of the digital products is also the concern of some people providing that the Chinese digital product market can have many products available due to consumer demand. 


The world of information technology has begun to enter the markets with the implication of great profits and development. People living across the borders have started to connect with each other with the different digital products as well as started to use those products for their own entertainment. The Chinese market has also developed due to the rise of the use of digital products, especially for youngsters.

The dependency of people on digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, game consoles, and others in China has been the main reason for the high demand for digital products. This research was conducted with the main aim of answering the research question stated why China can have different types of digital products in the market. The aim of the research had been divided into a number of objectives given below:

  • To identify the reasons behind the development of the Chinese electronic product market.
  • To analyse the consumer’s preference with regard to digital products in the Chinese market.
  • To identify the reason behind the development of the Chinese electronic product market with reference to mobile phone brands.
  • To determine the most famous brand of game consoles amongst teenagers.
  • To demonstrate consumer’s usage of digital products and their impact on the Chinese market.


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Chapter 4: Data Analysis


Ideally the fourth chapter of the dissertation, this chapter incorporates the data analysis of the information gathered for the purpose of answering the research question. As the main aim of the study was to identify why China can have different types of products in the market and this led to the choice of quantitative research design by the researcher. Due to the quantitative nature of the research, the data has been analysed by using diagrams and graphs derived from the answers obtained through the designed questionnaire. In order to align the analysis with the research objectives, a detailed discussion has also been included in this chapter.


The analysis of the research has been the most important part as it helped in addressing the question of the research study. The data analysis has been divided into demographic and descriptive analysis which is given below:

Demographic Analysis

The demographic analysis is the analysis of the respondent’s age and gender. The demographic analysis has included the number of participants, their gender and their age.


The first question of the questionnaire was about the gender of people. The derived information showed that amongst the 30 respondents, 15 were male and 15 were female, who answered the questions given in the questionnaire.


The second question was about the age of the respondents. It was identified that out of 30 respondents, five were under the age of 18, nine people were between18-25 and six were 26-35. Out of the remaining ten, five were between the age of 36 and 45 and five were over 45.

Descriptive Analysis

The descriptive analysis would be the analysis of the remaining questions of the research. The analysis is as follows;

Digital products needed

The third question of the questionnaire was about consumer’s preference for a digital product in the market in accordance with their need. Out of thirty respondents, 10 people preferred mobile phones and 10 chose game consoles as the most preferred digital products. This is because the number of the young respondents was higher than the others and these people preferred mobile phones and game consoles as the most desired digital product.

Consumer Preference

The fourth question of the questionnaire was about the choice of a mobile brand the consumers preferred the most. According to the collected information, 9 people said that they preferred Sony and 8 people said that they chose Apple as the most favourite mobile phone brand. Out of the remaining thirteen people, 10 said that they liked Samsung, and 3 chose the “other” option of the questionnaire.

buying game consoles

The fifth question of the questionnaire was asked to the respondents as if they were a teenager which brand of the game console would they buy. Amongst thirty respondents, most of the respondents, about 15 respondents, said that they would buy game consoles of Sony brand. The remaining fifteen respondents had a different response as 5 said that they would buy the Microsoft brand and 10 chose Nintendo as the most preferred game console brand to buy.

factors to consider when purchasing

The next question was about the factors, which the respondents would consider while buying digital products. They were given options like brand, quality, price, design, playability, convenience, function, and plasticity. Four people said they would consider the brand, convenience, and function respectively. Out of the remaining fourteen respondents, five respondents chose quality and 5 chose price as their most considered factor while buying a digital product. Moreover, only two people said that they would prefer playability, and 2 said plasticity was the most favoured characteristic while buying a digital product.

How the day is spent

The next and last question of the questionnaire was about the total time people like to spend on a digital product. This question was asked to understand the consumer’s usage of a digital product. Out of thirty respondents, only 2 people said that they would spend less than three hours on a digital product whereas4 people responded that they would spend three to five hours on a digital product.

Most of the people, 10 respondents, said that they spend most of their time almost more than twelve hours on a digital product. Out of the remaining fourteen, 6 respondents said they would spend six to nine hours and 8 people said that they would spend ten to twelve hours on a digital product.

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The discussion of the analysis is given below:

Objective 1: To Identify the Reasons behind the Development of the Chinese Electronic Product Market

According to the research conducted by Esper et al. (2010: 5) the development of markets is dependent upon a customer demand of the particular products. High customer demand means high sales and hence a high profit margin. The Chinese digital product market has developed due to the high consumer demand for different digital products. With the rise of technological development in China, people are inclined towards both convenience and entertainment.

This has been identified from the research as well that in China high consumer demand and influence of digital products as well the preference of the domestic market products amongst the people have been the reasons why China’s electronic and digital product market have developed in recent years.

According to Hill, Jones, and Schilling (2014), cost leadership theory is defined as the strategy of the company to lower down the cost of production in order to position the products in the market with lower prices. In China, the cost of production is low, the main reason why people prefer Chinese products all over the world. This is another reason behind the growth and development of China’s digital product market and the inclusion of different digital products in the market as well.

Objective 2: To Analyse the Consumer’s Preference with Regard to Digital Products in the Chinese Market

According to Qiu and Zhou (2013: 142) the rise of globalization has also increased consumer’s preference for digital products in the world. The markets have been concerned about incorporating new forms of digital products in the market in a way that would increase consumer preference and loyalty as well as give a positive brand image to the company and brand. This aspect has also been aligned with the research object.

As the markets are growing, China’s digital product market has also including different types of digital products. As stated by Goggin (2012) the growing importance of information and technology and the rise of interdependence have increased the use of mobile phones in the world. The research also determined the same notion which was another objective of the research.

In China, the most preferred digital product used is a mobile phone. People especially youngsters are inclined towards fun and entertainment and for that matter, most of them use game consoles or game accessories in order to pass time. The research also identified that in China youngsters like to indulge in activities that include game consoles. Other than that the people also prefer cameras, home appliances, and other products much to their convenience.

Objective 3: To identify the most Preferred Mobile Phone Brand in the Chinese Market

According to Hoyer et al. (2010: 283) brand image can increase consumer motivation and loyalty towards the products. The brand image can be created by a number of factors. This factor can be price or quality or both. The price-effective theory advises that the brand owner puts the lowest price of the product in the market to influence consumer buying behaviour.

It has also been identified by the research that the people in China prefer Samsung the most due to the low prices of the product. However, there are some people in China who prefer the strong brand name more than the price of the product and make purchases of those high price brands. The most preferred brand in China has been Samsung however Sony has also emerged with a strong brand name in the market.

According to the research conducted by Aaker (2012) the high consumer demand for the product is the reason behind the brand presence in the market. Many brands only exist in the market because consumers use them. In China, different mobile brands are present due to the fact that people like those brands such as iPhone, Sony, and Samsung. This has been the main research question and the research findings align with the main question of the research that why China can have different types of digital product market. Thus the research had given a positive response towards a research question.

Objective 4: To determine the most Famous Brand of Game Console amongst Teenagers

A study conducted by Rouse (2010) stated that indoor games have been converted into digital games which can be played inside the house. The young generation of the world is inclined towards entertainment especially game consoles and game accessories. In China, teenagers are being indulged in different types of games such as Xbox and PS4. These young people prefer different brands of game consoles such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. This has been identified by the primary information gathered in this research.

Most people especially teenagers prefer Sony as the most popular gaming brand amongst the others. According to Williams and Page (2011: 1), the millennial generation is known to be the people who are tech-savvy. These people consider the world as a digital screen and like to use the different digital and electronic products for their own entertainment and convenience. These are young people and are the largest users of mobile phones and game consoles.

Similarly, in China, the young clan is also the millennial generation and these people are tech-savvy as well. This has been identified by the gathered information when people responded to the question about the preferred game console brands. Their preference is another reason why China’s digital product market can have different types of product markets.

Objective 5: To demonstrate Consumer’s Total Usage of Digital Products in the Chinese Market

According to Wheelwright (2010) the product life cycle starts from the idea of the product till its removal from the market. Consumers make buying decisions on the basis of satisfaction given by the product. This satisfaction can be achieved through a time frame in which the product is consumed by the customer. The research identified that the product life cycle in China is long due to the consumer’s total usage of the product.

The user of a digital product in China spends most of the time of the day on a digital product. It can be for entertainment or for convenience: in both cases the total usage of the digital product in China is high. This is one of the other reasons why China has different kinds of digital products in its market. According to Castells (2011) the rise of information and technology has made people’s lives easier and easy to connect with each other.

This aspect has also been derived from the research. In China, people like to spend most of their time using digital products either due to the basic requirement or due to boredom. In both senses, the high consumer usage has been one of the reasons for the growing demand for digital products in the Chinese market and hence one of the reasons why China can have different kinds of digital products in its market.


The data analysis has achieved all the aims and objectives of the research. The analysis was drawn which helped the researcher to put the discussion into perspective. The analysis suggested that China’s digital product market has different types of products due to consumer’s preferences and demands, especially by teenagers.

The high demand has also shown a great influence in the Chinese market as people have started to spend more of their time on digital products. China’s digital product market is effective in its production and pricing strategy and due to which the consumer’s loyalty has been increased towards Chinese products.

The research was conducted for answering the question of why China can have different types of products in the market. For answering the research question in a systematic way, the research set the aims and objectives of the research. In order to have a better understanding of the latest facts and facets of the Chinese market, the researcher included a detailed review of existed literature. Further, the researcher selected the research strategy and design for the conduct of the research. The data was collected by using primary sources particularly the questionnaire.

According to the quantitative nature of the research, the quantitative research design, as well as the inductive approach, were selected for answering the research question that why China can have different types of electronic products in the market. The sample size for collecting primary information was thirty and the people who were selected for gathering information were the users of various digital products.

The next step after the collection of data was the analysis. The analysis was drawn on the basis of the answers received from the questionnaires and different diagrams and charts were used to analyse the data. The aims and objectives of the research were met due to the data analysis which further was discussed in the discussion session of the research.

The research developed the idea that China can have different types of products in the market due to the consumer’s preference in the country. Amongst the many people youngsters used digital products most and for a long span of time. This has identified the reason for the development of China’s digital product market. The research determined that the growing demand for digital products and people’s preferences were the factors due to which China’s digital product market has the potential to grow more in the future.


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