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Model Answer Writing Samples


Model Answer Writing Sample

Discipline: Finance

Quality: 1st / 71%


Model Answer Writing Sample

Discipline: Accounting

Quality: 2:1 / 69%

Our Model Answer Writing Service Features

Customized Revision

We can help you learn how to execute perfect exam answers of your own by writing custom-write model answers for you in response to questions most likely to come up in your exam.

Clear Comprehension

The model answer is a short piece designed to show a thorough understanding of key points. It can help you get the results you’re aiming for.

Excellent Customer Service

To ask for a rewrite or just the writer’s suggestions, email our customer service team. They’ll get onto it fast – often within twenty minutes.

Timely Delivery

We take the mystery out of the quest for the elusive model answer. You can now just click and order from Research Prospect. It will be spot-on, and arrive quicker than you would imagine.

Subject Specialists

Want a model answer? We can provide one. Just name your subject, we have it covered. Just take step one – send us the question.

Rigorous Quality Control

Every paper our writers create gets a rigorous check for quality, which ensures all specific client requirements have been met, and all instructions followed accordingly.

Frequently Ask Questions?

The outset of an assignment can be daunting, especially for students with weak English language skills. Not only for those whose first language is not English. So, where do you start working on an assignment? One simple answer is to look through model answers.

Model answers are useful guides for completing assignments; they demonstrate your assignment’s required structure and style. As such, you can reliably reproduce the structure and style displayed. This works with essays, research papers, dissertations, and coursework.

Reading model answers strengthens your understanding of specific topics. It helps soften some of the challenges of the assigned task.

Some students look for help in articles and academic journals to assist with assignments. Just searching can be very time consuming because what they’re searching for is unlikely to be available. Sometimes only a model answer is – the answer.
Returning to the point about weak language skills, this is something you’ll develop during your academic life. Model answers can kickstart this improvement for you, highlighting sentence and paragraph structure, and showing how to punctuate correctly. The benefits of the model answer should not be downplayed.

Imagine learning to play a tricky piano piece. Is it best to get help from someone who can play it perfectly, or someone who can make a fairly good job of it? This type of question is, of course, a no-brainer.
And so, we have put various model answer samples on the site. They cover several types of assignment, and some have been created for specific subjects. We might have the model you are looking for.

Take a look through them and see – it’s an art form our team have mastered. You’ll notice that we can produce a model for any kind of paper. For example, we have model answers for accounting to help students with specific questions. When you have these model answers, keep them for reference.

The finance model answer above is a good example of what to expect when one of our experts answers the question. Alongside this, we can provide exam notes to really give your grades a boost. It doesn’t matter what the specific topic or question is, our experts can provide this support at any academic level.

We like to understand your exact requirements before we assign a writer. This is handled by our quality control team.
The model answer writing service we provide can be customised as you require. Just complete our form for an instant quote and to order. We guarantee your model answer will be unique to your assignment.

Subjects that begin with letters A through to Z are what’s covered. Want the full list?

Accounting, Animation, Anthropology, Beauty Therapy, Biology, Chemistry, Childcare…

Don’t worry, your subject’s covered.

Your model answer paper will be developed by the most appropriate member of our writing team. We are one of very few writing companies that recruit only highly professional and experienced writers covering the academic spectrum. Our team comprises professors, lecturers, doctors, and professionals with at least a 2:1 master’s degree or Ph.D. They are eminently qualified to write a model answer for you.

Yes, we do. We can create a set of speech notes that will help you relax and look confident as you convey your important information.