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Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Construction

Quality: 2:1 / 69%


Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Nursing

Quality: 1st / 71%


Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Politics

Quality: 2:1 / 69%


Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Education

Quality: 1st / 74%


Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Interpersonal

Quality: 1st / 76%


Academic Poster Sample

Discipline: Transportation Flows

Quality: 1st / 74%

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Frequently Ask Questions?

An academic poster is a visual representation of a research study. Students are required to create a research poster at some stage of the degree programme.

A poster briefly summarizes your research, includes graphs, tables, and other visuals. It should be attractive and eye-catchy enough to grab your readers’ attention. To make your poster appealing and informative for your readers, use a mix of graphs, charts, figures, and plain text. Make sure that this mix is balanced to enhance your academic poster’s quality.

To help you understand how to balance text and visuals in a research poster, we have provided some poster examples on our website. All our examples use a mix of different visuals and plain text; yet, none of them looks crammed with information. The results and discussion section of the poster showcase graphs and charts that demonstrate significant trends and patterns.

Our academic poster samples will help you learn more about the structure of an academic poster. A poster usually consists of five or six sections; the usual sections of a dissertation. Alternatively, if your tutor has provided you with a specific format, make sure you follow the same structure.

Make use of appropriate colours and font to make your poster look standout. Avoiding using rainbow colours, or else the readability of the poster will be adversely affected. Stick to just three to four colours that are pleasing to the eye.

Font size and style for your text need to be clear and legible. You have limited space; sp the font size should not be too large or too small.

Check the poster to make sure the text and images are well aligned. All visuals should be aligned appropriately along with your text. If you are using images in your poster, make sure they are high-quality PNG images. Using low quality or clip art images will portray an unprofessional look.

Academic posters are typically developed on Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Suite.

Looking at our poster examples, you will notice that each poster section presents brief yet comprehensive information.  Make use of headings and bullet points to highlight important information for the readers. Do not forget to focus on the flow of your data. It should be smooth and consistent.

Our poster samples will serve as a guide to help you complete your academic poster by yourself. If you need further guidance, we’re here to help! All our writers are highly qualified and can create a visually stunning educational sign for you, no matter your academic level and academic subject.

Get in touch with us, provide us with your requirements and have a professionally designed poster delivered to your email address before your deadline.

A poster usually has five to six sections, but it is always recommended to follow your tutor’s guidelines.

Of course, it will have that and a lot more. We usually use a mix of charts, illustrations, graphs, tables, figures and text when creating an academic poster.