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1What delivery options do you offer?
We offer custom delivery plans. We customize our plans according to your requirements and preferences. For instance, we can complete a semester project in a week’s time, and take a year to complete a Ph.D. thesis.
2Are you able to deliver my dissertation chapter by chapter?
Yes, we can deliver your dissertation You will receive a free dissertation outline/plan after your order is with our writer. The writer will start working on the dissertation paper only after you have approved the outline. We usually deliver a dissertation in three parts. We understand that it is the crux of your academic life at the university, and hence you are genuinely concerned. Please remember to tell us your requirements and expectations at the time of placing an order. Our team will get in touch with you and sort out a plan for dissertation delivery.
3Do you charge for amendments?
We offer free of charge amendments services.
4What if my writer does not fulfill my initial requirements?
We will ask the writer to amend the project as part of our free amendments policy. However, this is highly unlikely as our writers are experienced and know how to handle all types of academic subjects.
5When does the delivery period start?
The delivery period begins after a writer has been assigned to your order, and we have received a 50% advance payment. In case we are not able to locate a writer, we will place your order on hold unless we find a suitable writer for your project.
6Do your delivery days include the weekends?
Excluding Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve, we work seven days a week. Weekends are usually inclusive in the delivery schedule.
7How long does it take you to find a writer for my order?
We expect to find a writer within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order. However, depending upon the complexity and nature of the project, it can take a shorter or longer duration. We always keep our clients in the loop and do not assign a project to a writer unless we are 100 percent sure.
8When can I expect to receive the work on the day it is due?
7 pm to 9 pm (UK time) is when we usually deliver work to our clients. Sometimes, our quality control team thinks that the work needs some alterations. In that case, it can get a little late. We will, however, notify you well in advance and obtain your approval.

Please do not expect that we will deliver before the delivery date.

If the remaining payment has not been made, we will hold on to the work until we receive the full amount.
9Can I see my work before I make the final payment? / Can I have a draft/plan of my work? / How do I know the work is correct if I can’t see it before I make the final payment?
Unless advised otherwise, we do not share a draft or plan. You are encouraged to share all the information regarding the work before our writer starts working. Our quality control team will make sure that the completed work answers the questions and uses the appropriate referencing style. However, we do not share it before the agreed delivery date. However, you can still request for free amendments after you have received and reviewed the work.

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