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Writing a first class dissertation will require you to have unique expertise. Here at Research Prospect, we understand that your dissertation can make or break your overall grade. Your dissertation is an important component of your degree and is is likely to have a substantial impact on your academic and professional careers. Employers may ask you questions during your job interview about the topic of your dissertation and the methods of research employed. But without having the required expertise, all your hard work can go in vain and that is where you can benefit from our full professional dissertation writing service in UK.

Instead of working obsessively for months, we advise you to take advantage of our professional custom dissertation writing service to save your valuable time and energy. Let our expert academic writers do the hard work if you are experiencing problems with researching and writing your dissertation. So what are you waiting for? Invest in our professional custom dissertation writing service and be certain of the grade you wish to achieve.


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Research Prospect dissertations are completed by highly qualified and experienced academic writers holding Masters or PhD degrees from reputed UK universities. All our writers are appointed following a lengthy recruitment process. As you can expect from UK’s fastest growing dissertation writing service, we employ a large team of writers which include lecturers, doctors, professors and professionals from all academic disciplines. This enables us to find the most suitable writer for every academic subject.
You can be confident that the writer we assign to your dissertation order will have the essential academic qualifications and skills to deliver exactly what’s promised to you and that your completed dissertation paper will be of the highest possible quality.


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We have prepared a number of samples of our work, to illustrate the quality, and academic focus of the essays we deliver.
Each sample essay is accompanied by a quality report and a plagiarism report to show what is included with each order.

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We can start by completing an extended outline of your dissertation first, which will include a brief introduction to the research, literature review and methodology section. Once you have approved the outline, we will advise the writer to proceed with the full dissertation. This will enable you to review the quality of our work and make a better choice!

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At Research Prospect, we understand the true meaning of “Value for Money”. Students need guarantees when it comes to paying for online essay writing service but many essay writing companies do not disclose their operational procedures and hiring methods, and hence they are unable to provide outstanding customer service.

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How to Write a Full Dissertation– The Best 2019 Step by Step Guide


Academic writing is considered to be a crucial skill that all students must possess when they are completing their university education. This can become more necessary when a dissertation or thesis has to be completed as part of their course module. Besides devoting time to planning and structuring their written work, students need to know how they can start and take the 1st step towards developing their research.

Writing a full dissertation is not necessarily something difficult - as there some easy but fundamental steps that one can take, which will make passing this module much easier than you originally thought!

The first step is to select a relevant and specific topic related to the course. Generally, it is prudent to search for background information using relevant sources. Online databases can be used that have journals and publications on multiple topics. When students have background information, they will find it easier to select the topic. The topic should solve a research problem or retest an existing theory or be something unique.

Once the topic has been selected, an outline or a research proposal is needed that summarizes the main arguments of the dissertation can be drafted as a second step. The outline or a dissertation proposal has information and arguments that will be analyzed in the dissertation. Writing a dissertation often leads to conflicting feelings from excitement to self-doubt and panic to euphoria. Irrespective of such feelings, students will become resilient once they grasp the basics of writing. Additionally, it is important to master skills like planning, time management, problem solving, critical thinking, brainstorming, and others. Students need to know their limits by taking frequent breaks and engaging in basic needs so that they have the energy to complete their work the next day. It is crucial to write in an atmosphere that is free from distractions and multitasking should be avoided since it can lead to waste in time and energy.

Now, the fundamental work is done, and we can proceed to the crux of the paper:

developing the structure of the paper! It is important to note that any dissertation or thesis has multiple sections such as introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings, discussions, recommendations, and conclusion. Writing the sections in a sequential manner is important because students will remain focused!

One of the best strategies in dissertation writing is to complete the introduction, literature review, and methodology which comprise 1st half of the dissertation. All the three sections provide information about the topic, objectives, prior research, research gaps, and research methods. In other words, the three sections must be linked with each other so that the dissertation appears to be meaningful. When students are ready to begin writing, they should aim for a suitable target. For instance, 1000 words can be completed each week. This can be motivating and productive as they can better understand the topic. They should check that they have addressed everything they want to cover once the section is complete. Moreover, the section should have a logical structure that allows the reader to move to the next section. Proofreading should be done for each section.

The research methodology is an important part of the dissertation because it justifies the methodology and data collection methods used for the study. It is the foundation of the dissertation because it will be used for deriving conclusions. Research consists of primary and secondary research with data analyses and calculations. Primary research is first-hand research conducted by the researchers, and it is considered to produce best results as it involves analyzing the data and presenting them in various charts and tables. The benefit of this approach is that first-hand information and insight is obtained while the researcher directly participates in the work. However, it can be a costly and time-consuming process, and you may need help of experts to complete it!

Data collection methods can include surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case studies, and others. Each method is appropriate depending on the research goals and resources. The selection of the data collection method should be done thoroughly. Students must study the pros and cons of each method before selecting the one that is appropriate.

In contrast, secondary research is concerned with using information from other sources for the dissertation. The benefits are that it is inexpensive and allows researchers to access large number of sources on the topic. The disadvantages of secondary research are that the information might be irrelevant or outdated.

Now, we proceed towards the most exciting stage of the dissertation paper! Taking feedback and amending the draft to match supervisor requirements and expectations!

After students have submitted their work for feedback, it is crucial to edit and modify the sections accordingly. A thorough and precise approach to improve each section is needed so that the next phase of writing can be initiated.

This leads us to the last step of the dissertation paper, and arguably the most important one!

The next sections such as results, analyses are drafted at this stage. The results show the data that has been obtained by the research process. The data must be presented and organized in a readable way. Some tables can be added to provide an overview of the work that has been undertaken. The discussion part of the dissertation analyzes and interprets the results. The research gaps and findings from the literature review can be linked with the discussion and analysis. Both sections are important because they showcase the researchers’ skills and findings. These sections also provide information that is related to the research objectives.

The final sections are the conclusion and recommendations that summarizes the main points of the dissertation. It can include recommendations for policy makers. The conclusion discusses the limits of the research and provides direction for future research. And finally, the reference section is formally drafted considering the method one is using, such as Harvard Referring System. Once the sections have been written, it is essential for students to proofread the entire dissertation. Each section must be coherent and logical so that there is a natural flow from one section to the other. Getting feedback from the supervisor is crucial as mistakes can be rectified and new information can be added or old information can be deleted before final submission.

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"Want to keep up with the progress of the work done by your writer?
Research Prospect can deliver your dissertation order in three parts; outline, first half and final dissertation delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I order?
You can place your order for the dissertation topic and outline service by completing our online order form. Select the quality standard - 1st class, 2:1 or 2:2 and the academic level you require (i.e. undergraduate, Master’s or PhD). In the Order Type field, select either “Dissertation Topic and Outline Standard” or “Dissertation Topic and Outline Premium”. State your requirements in the field “Requirements”. You can provide us with your own topic in the Requirements field or request topics from our expert academics. You will also be able to add paid features such as Presentation, Reflective Log/Diary to your order. If you requested topics from our writers, they will be sent to you via an email within 24 hours of the payment being processed. Your completed dissertation outline will be delivered to your email address within 72 hours once the topic is selected or from the payment in case you provided your own topic.
If you requested topics from our writers, they will be sent to you via an email within 24 hours of the payment being processed. Your completed dissertation outline will be delivered to your email address within 72 hours once the topic is selected or from the payment in case you provided your own topic.
3Can I customise the outline/plan?
We take pride in offering services that can be customised in any way you like. Just let us know your exact requirements in the order form and we will customise your dissertation outline accordingly.
4Can I use my dissertation outline as a proposal?
You must not confuse the outline with proposal as dissertation outline is a unique document that serves as a starting point for completing your dissertation or proposal. A dissertation outline provides valuable ideas on how your proposal or dissertation project should be approached. If you would like to order a dissertation proposal, simply select Proposal in the Order Type field and our writers will be happy to write it for you.
5How do I use my dissertation outline?
A dissertation outline serves as a starting point for your proposal or dissertation assignment and helps you to move in the right direction. With your dissertation outline, you can develop further ideas independently, plan your timescale for completion of your dissertation, get a clear picture of exactly what should be done, get view/opinions of an expert academic on the content of your dissertation and familiarise yourself with the topic.
6 What if your writer is unable to suggest a suitable topic?
We have a large team of expert writers specialising in every academic subject, and therefore the possibility of our team of professional writers not being able to suggest a suitable topic is very slim. However, in the rare event where our writer is unable to suggest a suitable topic, we will let you know within two days and refund your payment.

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