PhD Enrolment Program in Strategic Leadership

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May 24, 2019
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May 24, 2019

PhD Enrolment Program in Strategic Leadership

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PhD Enrolment Program in Strategic Leadership

Academic Subject: Leadership and Management

Word Count: 500

Submitted by: Student

PhD Enrolment Program in Strategic Leadership – Why do I wish to peruse this program?

In the writings by Garcia (2012), and even in the autobiographies of exemplary leaders such as Jack Welch who is the former legendary Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, Richard Branson of Virgin Group, and Nelson Mandela who remains to be a global icon. The common facet among these writings is the fact that communication has been deemed a prerequisite for good or effective leadership. Consequently, this means that a good leader has to be capable of effectively communicating with his or her team or the entire organisation. Fortunately, for me, I have gained extensive work experience in the field of Communications since I have worked in four different companies in the Middle East. This means I already have a glimpse of how cross-cultural communication works and a panoramic view of leadership, such as the fact that an effective leader ought to be able to communicate with people drawn from different cultures and nations.

Based on the Maslow hierarchy of needs theory, I would wish to pursue the need of self-actualisation by positioning myself through acquisition of new skills and knowledge, which can enable me to become a communication leader or the voice of an organisation. In order to attain this vision, it is without a doubt that I need to undertake a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. This program will equip me with skills that can enable me to influence others to make decisions that promote the organisational objectives. From a personal level, this program will enable me to explore my full potential of elevating to the position of a leader. Secondly, from a professional level, it will enable me to grow in my career since I will be in a position to work in a major multinational organisation and ultimately becoming the leader of such organisations. Therefore, on a short-term basis, I hope to get a promotion or a new job as the communications director of a major organisation and on a long-term basis, I do hope that the Doctorate in Strategic Leadership will enable me to be considered for the position of a Chief Executive Officer or the General Manager of a major multinational organisation.

Presently, social media has redefined the manner in which information is carried out. In particular, it has become the most pertinent medium for corporate communication, which means that organisations ought to have an active presence on various social medium platforms and most importantly, they should maintain constant and interact on these platforms (Sandoval, 2014). Those who are in charge of such communications ought to be able to reason in equal measures as the real leaders/CEOs of the organisation i.e. voice of the organisation. Consequently, I believe this is the right time to pursue this program since as I am conveying the organisation’s message of various social media platforms. This means, whatever I say or write on these platforms should reflect the organisation’s objectives and mission as well as the thoughts of the organisational top leadership. As such, it is critical that I should have the skills and knowledge of a strategic leader.


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  • Sandoval, M. (2014) From Corporate to Social Media: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility in Media and Communication Industries. UK: Taylor & Francis.


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