How to Write a Dissertation Quickly

Learn How to Write A Dissertation Quickly

Life can be harsh at times, which means that after a bizarre chain of actions and consequences you are left with just a week or two to write your dissertation to an acceptable standard. Writing can be boring especially if you are a newbie and therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise if you don’t feel like getting out of your bed and start to work on your dissertation project. But what if you have very little time left to complete your dissertation paper and achieve your desired grade? If writing is not of your strong pursuits then writing a high quality dissertation paper in one or two weeks can turn out to be daunting challenge that you wish you had never invited.

Students having weak writing skills often get to hear things like, “Why am I even asking you about your dissertation? You are not going to initiate work on your dissertation the week before its due.” International students and those who are caught up with other problems such as financial burdens, and work and personal commitments can melt down under the stress of exams and assignments.

How to Write a Dissertation Quickly

So if you are one of those students who embrace the fact that you leave things to be done at the very last minute then there is no reason to panic or get discouraged. Luckily, there are many ways you can get your dissertation paper done even if you have very little time left to write those thousands of words. Take a leaf out of the book of those who feel motivated and encouraged when they see a hard brick wall in front of them. So what’s wrong if you are not really good at pacing yourself because you have your own way of getting things done? Be 100% confident that you understand how to write a dissertation quickly.


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How to Write a Dissertation Quickly


Getting Started – Before doing anything else you should consider setting up your work station. Make sure that your laptop or desktop is in working condition and you have an endless supply of stationary items and notebooks. Whilst researching you might need to open several tabs at the same time and therefore you may need to upgrade your computer if the existing one is simply not fast enough.

Avoid the temptations to open your Facebook account every 15 minutes. Self-control will be important and key to your success and therefore I would recommend you to surrender control of your FB account to your partner or your friend and ask them to change the login password.

Make sure that you have enough food supplies for the next couple of weeks. Remember that you are running a marathon here and not a sprint. Keep all types of snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea or red bull on your work station so as to feel comfortable at all times. However, also make sure that you are getting enough sleep because it is easier to perform those calculations and statistical analysis with a fresh mind.

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Yes! Food can keep you happy.

Getting help from your friends and relatives can significantly reduce your workload. May be you can ask your best friend or your one of your siblings to do the initial research for you to find relevant academic sources on the internet. Dissertations are defined by the type and extent of research involved. A little help from those who love you can facilitate the dissertation writing process tremendously. However, be patient and relaxed and do not push them if you feel that they are not taking your work seriously or not as caring as you thought they would. Remember that we all are busy with our own life these days. Moreover, it was your mistake that you had procrastinated to begin with. So ask your relative and friends as early as possible but remain patient.


Select an intriguing topic: Put on your research glasses or whatever that makes you feel that you are doing the real work because if you select a topic that does not interest you chances are that your productivity levels will go down may be after the first couple of days. So choose a topic that is interesting so you can keep yourself engaged throughout the writing process.

Plan your work schedule: Knowing how much you need to get done on a daily basis can help you to avoid the eleventh hour hassle. However, make sure that you have realistic expectations in terms of how many words you can write every day. Take breaks but at the same time make sure that you are not losing the momentum.

Writing a Dissertation in a Week

Planning is important!

Develop a dissertation plan/outline. Writing 10,000 or more words along with an in depth research is easier said than done and therefore you should plan thoroughly before proceeding to write. Don’t leave anything until the very last minute. Dedicate one or two days to write each chapter of the dissertation paper. It should be noted that a dissertation outline acts as a roadmap to guide the course of your research study. A dissertation that is expanded out of outline is likely to bring you better grade. However, like the proposal, developing a coherent outline presents various challenges which means that students may struggle to design, organize and structure their research.

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Still Wondering How to Write a Dissertation in a Week?

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