How to Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation

How to Avoid Plagiarism in a Dissertation


A dissertation is a crucial part of a student’s academic life because it is a form of assessment that must be completed. The desired outcomes are that students will be able to conduct research and take responsibility for their learning through a systematic literature review and use of appropriate research methods to solve some research goal or problem. Consequently, students are expected to use the ideas, opinions, and support of other authors for completing their dissertation. A dissertation needs to be written through proper planning and preparation. Moreover, it is essential to follow standard rules that help to make the dissertation an efficient one. Effective dissertation writing is strongly correlated to critical thinking – a tool that helps to resolve complex problems. A writer cannot convey ideas to his audience without using appropriate words (Libguides.wmich.edu, 2017) Developing sophisticated arguments is another important aspect that should never be ignored.

A dissertation is about letting the reader know the main ideas and thoughts. It is not simply about describing the results as good writers must be able to complete logical and coherent dissertations. Therefore, failure of students to acknowledge the ideas and words of others is totally unacceptable in the eyes of the academic tutors. This can also constitute plagiarism which is cheating and is punished by all universities. Penalties for plagiarism can include simple reprimand from professors to serious formal written warnings. In serious cases, the student might be expelled from the university. It is important to learn how to avoid plagiarism in a dissertation.

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Have Knowledge of Plagiarism

Comprehensive knowledge is needed in order to understand how to avoid plagiarism in a dissertation. The first step towards avoiding plagiarism in dissertation is to have knowledge about what constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to using words or ideas of another author/writer without giving credit to them. It is not sufficient to simply change a few words, but it should be properly paraphrased and referenced with proper citation. Sources should be documented properly using footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical references (Isites.harvard.edu, 2017). There must be a list of sources at the end of the dissertation which shows that proper research has been conducted by the student

Develop a Personalised Writing Style

Developing a personalized writing style can be a formidable task for many students. When reading and researching on any particular topic, students should try to use their own words while summarizing the information that they have taken from another source (Lib.sfu.ca, 2017). Moreover, they should add their own ideas and comments which help in the development of a personalized writing style. It is through practice that a writing style is established with students becoming more confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas. Some international students copy full paragraphs or sentences from different academic sources because of their poor English language skills which results in plagiarism. Your supervisor/tutor will always want you to write in your own words even if the writing style is flawed. It is important for students to know how to write plagiarism free dissertation.

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Common Knowledge

Some material is considered as common knowledge and does not require citation of the source. For instance, there might be factual information that is widely available such as key historical events, key historical personalities, and others. Such knowledge is considered to be in the public domain. Common knowledge might be present in a specific field of study (Writing.wisc.edu, 2017). The theories, facts, and methods might be familiar to students of that particular discipline. For instance, students do not need to cite Porter’s five forces in a marketing assignment. However, if students have doubts then it is might be a good idea to cite the sources.

These are some of the general guidelines to avoid dissertation plagiarism. However, our writers can write flawless and plagiarism free essays and dissertations based on your exact requirements.


Paraphrasing is important in avoiding plagiarism because it refers to an interpretation of other person’s ides. However, legitimate paraphrasing excludes the notion of simply changing a few words. The sentence structure should be changed as well as the words without changing the meaning of the content. Citations are still needed because the ideas have come from other sources. The body of the paper should contain the main arguments that are backed by facts and figures. The paper should be able to answer the possible questions that the reader has in his mind and also address the aim & objectives of the research. Sentences and information should be organized with a parallel structure. The research material should be properly cited and referenced in the main body of the paper. The conclusion summarizes the key findings of the academic paper. Concrete details should be given in the paper so that it shapes up to be a reliable and valid source of information. Grammar should be extensively used in a correct manner while appropriate words should be used in accordance with the objectives of the paper. Some students avail plagiarism free dissertation writing services in UK when they lack the confidence to successfully write their own dissertations.

Plagiarism Detection Software

The use of plagiarism detection software can be an effective approach in identifying text that has not been properly paraphrased or cited in the dissertation. Students can use these services in order to avoid plagiarism. One of the most commonly used academic plagiarism detection software is Turnitin. It is important to understand how Turnitin works. The software matches text of your dissertation paper against the text found in the vast databases, and highlights those matches. Almost all university tutors/supervisors are using Turnitin for detecting plagiarism in the dissertations of their students. Again, it is vitally important to know how to beat Turnitin. The best way is to hire professional academic writers to “write the dissertation for me” because you cannot afford to fail. Other methods of using symbols instead of letters, images and PDF files are all doomed to fail.

Plagiarism is a serious breach of academic standards and rules. It is important that students should learn the ways on how to avoid plagiarism in dissertation but this can be done through planning and preparation.

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