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Ordering & Payments

1How can I order my custom written essay or dissertation?
Our ordering process is simple and quick. All you have to do it fill in our online order form, provide your order specifics and attach relevant files such as your assignment brief or dissertation handbook. You can pay for the service through debit or credit card, PayPal or directly into our UK Barclays bank account.

We can accept payment in two equal installments regardless of the type and cost of the service you order. Our writers will start working on your project as soon as we have received 50% advance payment. An order confirmation email will be sent to your email address immediately after you have made the payment. You will be able to communicate with the writer in email so we ask all our clients to regularly check their emails until they formally accept the paper delivered by the writer. The assigned writer will of course amend the paper as many times as needed until you are 100% satisfied with the focus, depth and quality of the content.
2What are your prices?
You can visit our online order form to calculate instant prices for the various services that we provide. Several factors determine the prices returned by our order form, such as word count, area of research, deadline, the difficulty level of the task, and more.
3What subjects do you cover?
Our experienced writers form a great team that can handle a vast field of academic courses at Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. We take pride to state that we have expert academics for all academic subjects so you can go ahead and place your order with confidence that we will find the most suitable writer for your order.
4Can I pay in instalments?
Payments for all academic services including dissertations, essays, assignment, posters, etc can be accepted in two installments for your convenience. Our online order form will let you pay the full amount or only the 50% advance payment as per your convenience. In case you decide to pay the 50% advance payment at the time of placing your order then please note that the outstanding balance must be cleared before the final delivery.
5How quickly can you complete my order?
Our team of well-trained and experienced writers is capable of handling all types of academic projects no matter how urgent your requirement is. Orders with short deadlines particularly those with same or next day delivery requirement will involve additional charges.

However, if you are ordering a large academic project such as a dissertation, we would request you to allow our writers time of at least one week to complete the paper to the desired quality standard.
6What are your guarantees?
We guarantee:

Extensive Quality Control
Timely Delivery
100% Plagiarism Free
Competitive Prices
100% Confidential
Written by UK Qualified Writer
Customised to Your Exact Requirements
Free Amendments
Never Resold
Fully Referenced

Please click here to see the complete list of our guarantees.
7Do you offer discounts to your clients?
You can visit our offers page to see the discounts and offers we have in store for both new and returning customers.
8Can I contact my writer?
You can convey your requirements via an email to the writer. We, therefore, advise you to regularly check your emails as we will be forwarding queries from the writer to you as well.
9Are the writing services provided by Research Prospect confidential?
Our services are 100% confidential. We keep our policies and operational procedures updated with the latest plagiarism and privacy rules. We guarantee to not share the details about your project with anyone other than yourself.

We ensure full confidentiality and privacy for our clients. You can view our privacy policy page for more information. If in case you provide us with some documents that have personal information, we will also take confirmation from you before sharing it with our writers.
10Can I speak to the writer directly?
You can convey your requirements via an email to the writer. We, therefore, advise you to regularly check your emails as we will be forwarding you queries from the writer to you as well.
11My coupon code won't apply!
In case you have a valid coupon code, and the website is showing an error, do not worry. Fill the form, and then contact us with your coupon code. We will apply the discount and share the discount payment link with you.
12How do I cancel my Research Prospect order?
After placing the order, you can cancel at any time before we have assigned it to a writer (usually within 24 hours). Simply send us an email with your order number. We will appreciate if you can write the reasons as well. We will also refund your payment immediately.
13What is my order status? When will my order be delivered?
Send us an email with your order number, and we will inform you about status of your order and the exact delivery date.
14Can you edit or paraphrase my work (e.g. from tutor feedback)?
For editing and proofreading tasks, we charge a £20 deposit before assigning it to a writer. Our writers are trained to read, edit, and then suggest how to add/remove any information in your paper. They may also suggest to rewrite your paper from the scratch especially if the existing draft requires too many revisions and improvements.

The deposit amount will be adjusted in your final payment. After we have received the payment, the writer will start to working on your order.

In case you decide not to proceed with our proofreading, editing and improvement service, the £20 deposit will be refunded to you!
15Can I send through information once my order has been started?
We prefer getting all the information before starting work on your assignment. If you give us additional sources after the writer has started writing, we will pass it on to the writer. However, we cannot guarantee if the writer will be able to process the new information and incorporate it into his work.

Any additional information that might change the initial scope of work, and is provided after the writer has started writing could amount to additional payment as well.
16Can I place an order over the phone?
We do not accept an order on the phone due to the reason that the work may be misunderstood by our representative. As with all university assigned projects, there are guidelines and complete formats that are required to be followed. All orders must be placed through our online order form or via email

If, however, this does not work for you, you can always call our Customer Services team, which will happily assist you with the process.
17Can I pay over the phone?
Paying over the phone is not a safe option. You can make your payment on our website by using a credit/debit card, PayPal (both secured with Stripe), or Bank Transfer.
18I’ve been asked to verify my payment, what does this mean?
Like any online business, we are also vulnerable to fraudulent payments. However, in certain occasion, in order to protect our company and ensure your safety as a customer, we may require certain documents to verify the transaction. This especially applies to confirm a payment over a specific amount.

The process of check these documents is completely confidential and also in line with the Data Protection Act. If you do not wish to provide these documents, we recommend you to make a payment through bank transfer, since it is a secure form of transferring money.
19What method of payment can I make?
We usually prefer either one of the following methods:

Via debit or credit card online, using our secure checkout powered by Stripe Pay
By making a direct Bank Transfer (via the internet).
Via PayPal

To avoid any issues or delays, and as per our payment policy, we take a 50% payment before starting work, and the rest of the amount is taken before we deliver the work.
20Why does the writer need to quote to complete my order?
There are specific additional requirements in some academic projects and subjects, such as graphs, images, calculations, or tables. Only our writers can estimate how much work is required, especially if there is a software to be used. Therefore, we give our writers the authority to quote for the job. However, except for a few academic subjects, we are able to offer instant prices.
21I don’t want to pay until I know you can help, is this possible?
We only take a 50% payment after a writer has been found for your task. Before this, you can place your order free of charge. We do have our busier periods, and if you place an order with payment, we can start work right away. You can always call us if there are any specialized requirements.
22I don’t have a title; can I still order a proposal/dissertation?
In case you do not have an approved title for the topic, which we highly recommend that you do as it involves you in the process, you can check our free dissertation topics service. Our team will come up with exclusive titles, along with a list of sources that will be used in the research. You can place an order for the proposal or dissertation after selecting the topic.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and place your order for the proposal or dissertation, and the assigned writer will provide you with several topic ideas to choose from before starting to work on your order. Yes, the topic ideas will be suggested to you free of cost as part of the proposal or dissertation service.
23Can I place an order on behalf of someone else?
You can place an order on behalf of a friend any time; the only requirement will be their permission to do so.
24I want to refer a friend; how do I do this?
If you recommend a friend to us, who completes an order with us, you will get a 10% discount on your next order. Your friend can place the order by using the email address that you have mentioned in the referral email to be sent to [email protected]
25Do Research Prospect offer tutoring services?
We do not offer tutoring services. However, we specialize in providing some other services, such as Exam Revision service, Research Title Service, Proposal service, and Editing and Proofreading service, etc.
26Can I buy essays displayed on the Research Prospect website?
The essays on our website are not for sale. These are only for sample purposes. Buying and using the same pieces can result in plagiarism related issues. We only provide exclusive and customwriting services.
27Can your writer help me to collect primary data?
Our data collection procedure is quite simple. Questionnaire design and interview questions are a part of our dissertation services. You may, however, be required to pay extra so the writer can gatther any additional data. Please state your data collection requirements at the time of placing your order.
28Are you able to provide draft of my work?
There will be an option to add one of more drafts to your order in paid/optional features in our online order form. Our customer services team will contact you and confirm a date for delivery for each draft once you have paid for the service. The cost of an additional draft (s) will mainly depend on the additional number of words to be written by the writer (if any) and the additional number of hours they will need to spend on your order. You are requested to contact us within 24 hours of receiving the draft so that we can ensure timely delivery of your paper.
29Can I request the writer to include appendices to my order?
Our paid/optional features also include an option for appendices. Select the option when filling the order form. Our writer will make sure to include all the requirements for an extra charge.

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