Dissertation Topics on the Effects of China’s Ban on Imported Rubbish From the UK

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July 5, 2018
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Dissertation Topics on the Effects of China’s Ban on Imported Rubbish From the UK

Dissertation topics china's ban on imported waste


Waste management is one of the most important aspects of businesses around the world. For manufacturing industries, managing waste is an essentially part of their overall environment strategy. It reflects on their business as to whether they are a socially responsible or not, which ultimately has an impact on their consumer base. Therefore, all companies (and countries) should focus on this aspect of their business to help create a safe and healthy environment for the people.

For almost four decades, China had been importing waste and recycling it; however, recently the Chinese government has imposed a ban on importing foreign garbage. This ban has caused an uproar in the international business world. Many UK based companies are now more concerned as to where they will discard waste. This ban has a worldwide impact, but the United Kingdom will be impacted the most because the country does not have the best waste management and recycling practices in place. Thus, studying and investigating the waste management issue in the UK is extremely important. Not only will it help the UK to learn as to how it can manage its waste effectively without having to rely on other countries, it will also help to understand why waste management is necessary and how it should be done. Different solutions and strategies need to be investigated in order to choose the one most reliable and effective.

In order to learn more about this ongoing issue and how it can be resolved, it is important to carry out research based on the available data and facts. These researches will investigate the issue in a much detailed manner and will help in analyzing as to how this serious issue can be solved. Thus, here are a few dissertation topics on the effects of China’s Ban on Imported Rubbish in the UK to help understand the problem in detail.

China’s Ban on Imported Rubbish: Is UK at the Risk of Environmental Pollution?

Research Aim: China has been a huge player in the recycling industry. Waste materials, specifically plastic has been consumed by China and recycled for further use. This ban has caused a change in the international business industry, and the British industry is now suffering. With almost no arrangements to recycle waste and plastic, the country is now on the verge of experiencing environmental pollution. This research will talk about the problem of managing waste and how the UK should cope with the problem of pollution.

The UK Recycling Industry: Investigating the Impacts of Chinese Rubbish Ban

Research Aim: The Chinese government has imposed a ban on importing rubbish, leaving a strong impact on different countries, specifically the United Kingdom. This research will talk about the recent ban that has been imposed by the Chinese government, and will also talk about the recycling industry of the United Kingdom. The recycling industry needs to be built and supported in order to help the country help fight pollution and manage waste in the country.

Impact of China’s Ban on Imported Rubbish on the UK Households

Research Aim: Even though the Chinese ban has a strong impact on the business sector, the household sector is equally impacted in the United Kingdom. The research will also talk about the different reasons as to why the households are impacted and how the country should cope with this situation. Educating the common man will help in managing waste to a huge extent. This aspect will also be discussed in detail in the research.

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Studying the Development of UK Recycling Infrastructure Amidst the Chinese Garbage Ban

Research Aim: The Chinese ban on importing garbage has certainly caused a huge problem for different countries in the world. For the United Kingdom, the problem is even more intensified due to the fact that the country did not pay attention to its waste management or recycling industry, which means they will have to start from scratch. This research will not only talk about the ban, but will also study the recycling infrastructure in the country, and will suggest as to how it can be improved and worked on.

Determining Solutions for Less Waste Production and Standardizing Recycling

Research Aim: The ban on importing waste by the Chinese government has been imposed, thus the only option that the UK is left with is to work on its recycling and waste management industry. This research will talk in detail regarding the different solutions that are available for the country for producing less waste. Ways to curb waste will be mentioned and discussed in the paper in order to help the country manage its waste effectively. Additionally, the research will also talk about how recycling can be standardized and will also outline its benefits.


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