Cash Deposit

To complete your payment using an online bank transfer please select from the options below. Please be aware that bank transfers may take 3-5 days to complete and we cannot assign a writer to your order until payment has been received.

Make a payment in the UK


Please ensure that popups are enabled in your web browser.

Thank you for choosing to pay to our HSBC corporate account. Please find our bank account details below.

Sort code: XXXXXXX
Account number: XXXXXXXX

Amount: XXXXXX pounds

Reference: XXXXXXX (Please include this reference when you make a deposit to ensure that we can easily identify that you have paid this money)

Make a Cash Deposit
To deposit a cash payment simply go to any HSBC branch and deposit XXXXXXX pounds in cash into the above bank account. You must pay in cash so that we receive an instant payment. Please keep your receipt. Please ask the cashier to provide you with the sort code of the branch you are making your payment to. As soon as you deposit the money please call 0207 118 0808 immediately or send an email informing us of the sort code to identify your payment.

Telephone or Internet Bank Transfer
You can also make an instant payment via telephonic or online banking from your account into ours using the same as details above. Please make a note of the transaction ID and reference it when you contact us.

We will only start working once the payment has cleared.

As soon as you deposit the money, either in person or online, it is vital that you call us on 0207 118 0808 or send an email informing us of the payment. Your writer can then start the work immediately.

Kind Regards,

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